Sumitomo Chemical launches breakthrough fungicide for bananas

The Sumitomo Chemical Company Plantation Solutions team is launching its new Powmyl fungicide (diethofencarb) at the ACORBAT-CORBANA Banana Congress this week. Rapid adoption of Powmyl is expected for Black Sigatoka control programs on banana plantations throughout Latin America.
Black Sigatoka is the most important disease in banana crops, where infected plants can suffer dramatic declines in leaf area and yield reductions of up to 50%. Powmyl’s unique mode of action and superior technical and formulation technology make it an immediate addition for banana fungicide programs that face considerable pressure from resistance. This new tool comes with MRL and import tolerances to major export markets such as the US and EU, ensuring a smooth fit with existing programs.
“It is always a pleasure to be able to bring a strong product to a market where there is an area of pronounced need,” said Jose Eduardo Sanchez, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Sumitomo Chemical do Brasil Representações Limitada, North Region (LATAM). “Powmyl brings banana growers a powerful new fungicide that not only demonstrates high efficacy against Black Sigatoka, but also helps them to protect the efficacy of their other chemical classes as a novel addition to resistance management programs.”
Powmyl is a systemic fungicide with an excellent crop safety record including young leaves and developing banana fruit bunches. It has no demonstrated cross-resistance with other groups of existing banana fungicides and is backed by the renowned expertise of Sumitomo’s Plantation Solutions global technical team.