Syngenta launches chlorothalonil + mandipropamid fungicide in Brazil

Syngenta announced the launch of its new fungicide, Revus Opti, during Hortitec — the largest fruit and vegetable fair in Latin America. The product was developed for the control of downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) and water mould (Phytophthora infestans) on fruits and vegetables.
Mildew and water mould develop mostly in humid climates and average temperatures, attacking leaves, stems, tubers, and even fruits (tomatoes). Composed with a combination of active ingredients (complementary) chlorothalonil and mandipropamid, Revus Opti is a fungicide with protective action and depth action, belonging to the chemical group of aminoacids and systemic carbamides and phthalonitriles. It is presented with the Concentrated Suspension type formulation, developed for treatment of the aerial part of crops and has more action time, even after rain. 
“Syngenta understands its role in contributing to food safety in a world that grows at a fast pace. Through its wide portfolio that benefits producers of several fruits and vegetables, the company contributes directly towards the reach of high productivity with quality, in line with the pillars of our Sustainable Agriculture Plan,” said Phillipp Schudt, Crop Manager of Fruits and Vegetables at Syngenta.