Top 100 pesticide companies in China revealed

The top 100 national pesticide sales 2017 was unveiled during the Chinese Pesticide Business Operation Analysis meeting held last month, where Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group ranked 27th, 13 places up compared to its 40th ranking in 2016.
Such a performance is not achieved just by chance. It is a reflection of the synergistic effect of Hailir’s strategic alignment, explicit market positioning, and down-to-earth approach to innovation and transformation, following its listing in the stock market on January 12, 2017.
In 2017, at the formulation marketing mobilization meeting of the company, Ge Yaolun, the board chairman of Hailir, said to the marketing team, “In today’s highly homogenized pesticide market, technical service prevails and reflects the value of the product.”
Guided by this philosophy, a series of service-oriented marketing exercises were initiated, in which top management and staff at all levels participated, utilizing the various platforms and technical means. As a result, a technology-based service model was established. Several marketing teams have performed well in their marketing promotions, one good example being the Yunnan Formulation Marketing team. Through effective staff training and promotions, the Yunnan team could achieve increased sales of 15 million yuan in 2017; the number of 1-million yuan sales key account increased from 11 to 17; the number of 1-million yuan sales single product increased from 10 to 15; and marketing-oriented events increased from 280 to 731. After practising for many years, the Yunnan team brought up three province-wide regional managers, one province-wide technical manager and one province-wide assistant technical manager.
The international market also brought good tidings, with the setup of the African trade team, which started with the first product registration in Ethiopia, and has now built a market in 18 countries, including Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. In 2017, the imidacloprid business completion rate with multinationals reached 125%, the pesticide technical business completion rate reached 139%, the formulation business completion rate reached 113% and fertilizer business completion rate reached 218%.
In 2017, Hailir’s business performance can be summarized as being active, innovative, transformational and inheritable, which brings a breakthrough in sales, while its services covered all aspects of pesticide applications in various locations in an all-round manner, which enabled the rapid growth of Hailir’s businesses in 2017.
Yaolun said: “We have been committed to the pragmatic approach of ‘Ingenuity for Dream and Action for Growth’. In today’s busy world, we stay calm and dedicated to the creation of value for farmers with our products and services. It is with this spirit that Hailir could win public praise, as Hailir represents quality and efficiency. In the calm new era of agriculture, ingenuity will become a cornerstone of Hailir’s inheritance and development.”