US EPA open to public comments on new registration applications

The US EPA is open to public comments on a number of new pesticide active ingredient registration applications.
Applications for Bacillus licheniformis strain FMCH001 and Bacillus subtilis strain FMCH002 which to be used as fungicidal/nematocidal seed treatment to control soil pests was submitted by FMC Corporation. The public comment for these products will be closed on April 27, 2018.
Syngenta Crop Protection, submitted registration application for the new fungicidal active ingredient – pydiflumetofen. Syngenta is proposing foliar uses of pydiflumetofen on cereals; quinoa; com; cucurbits crop group 9; fruiting vegetables crop group 8-10, ornamentals in greenhouses, nurseries, shade and lath houses, fields, and outdoor residential landscapes, etc. The comment for this product will end on May 3, 2018.