Corporate Responsibility

U.S. Water’s 'Changing the World' program partners with Pure Water for the World

U.S. Water’s mission and commitment to our core values empowers our organization and its employees to have purposeful expressions of generosity through the sharing of time and resources with our Changing the World program. We are excited to send a team of five U.S. Water employees on our first Changing the World volunteer trip with Pure Water for the World in June. During this trip, the U.S. Water team will support underserved children and families in the Trojes region in Honduras.

Historically, over 98% of families living in the rural, underserved Trojes region of Honduras only had access to contaminated water. More than 50% of the families lacked access to safe sanitation facilities. Waterborne illnesses and deaths have been widespread, particularly among young children. U.S. Water’s team of volunteers will work with Pure Water for the World to deliver sustainable safe water solutions by installing life-changing water filters in family homes, and building latrines and hand-washing stations at local school. They will also participate in a community-wide, anti-parasite medicine administration.

Pure Water for the World (PWW), which was formed in 1999, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives by empowering people with access to life’s most basic necessities: safe water and sanitation. They partner with rural and underserved communities and groups like AWT (Association for Water Technologists) to bring sustainable and safe water solutions to children, families, and communities in Honduras and Haiti. Since 2009, PWW has delivered sustainable safe water solutions to over 120 of the 300+ communities in Trojes.

Stay connected! U.S. Water will be sharing photos and videos straight from the volunteers while they are in Honduras via our social media sites.