Vantage Nutrition to champion ‘better delivery’ at Vitafoods Europe 2024 -ACG Group company focuses on true innovation-

At this year’s Vitafoods Europe, Vantage Nutrition (an ACG group company), will be showcasing and championing the term ‘better delivery’. With a real focus on innovation, the team will be debuting the outstanding beadlet technology, a complete product offering ultimate ingredient performance.

Other ACG Capsules products on show will include ACGcaps™ H+, the world’s first independently certified* ‘Clean Label’ eco-friendly capsule, which is made using thermogelation technology (water and cellulose only). Alongside will be the ACGcaps™ TSafe opaque and TiO2-free clean capsules, with the enhanced version offering flexibility with pigmentation options.

Aaron Quinn, head of business development at Vantage Nutrition – Europe, commented: “We know that the world’s healthiest products demand the world’s cleanest capsules performance through more advanced technologies. Through our innovations, we are committed to supporting nutraceutical brands when it comes to time consuming and costly R&D.

“With the development of beadlet technology we are able to offer ultimate ingredient performance and enhanced delivery. Beadlets release ingredients over time, boost absorption and improve bioavailability. And by working with one supplier, manufacturers can ensure they have full control over all processes, with the 360 service – ensuring better results and enhanced uptake.”

ACG is the world’s largest integrated supplier of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solid dosage products and services. Along with the commitment to delivering integrated solutions and cutting-edge technology, Vantage Nutrition aims to provide the most comprehensive and advanced multiphase solutions to customers globally. The team’s focus in on turning product ideas into reality fast – helping companies enable, enhance, and differentiate nutra brands – from a full-service partnership to specific value additions.