Vegalab signs distribution agreement with Van Iperen International

Vegalab has signed a distribution agreement with Van Iperen International, the foremost specialty fertilizer and high performance agricultural solutions producer in The Netherlands. According the agreement, Vegalab will begin to distribute Van Iperen International’s high tech  agricultural products beginning calendar year 2019.

Van Iperen International is a privately held, family-owned company with over 100 years of experience providing high-tech solutions to the Dutch agriculture sector. According to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers, exporting €65 billion worth of vegetables, fruit, flowers, meat and dairy products each year. With 150 employees, of which 40 are extensively trained agronomists, Van Iperen’s team’s comprehensive knowledge of crop needs, will help advance plant yields in American markets. Vegalab’s sales and marketing force will educate American growers on best practices and advanced applications of Van Iperen’s products that have a successful track record of improving the output of many Dutch farms.    

Erik van den Bergh, CEO and Managing Director of Van Iperen International, stated, “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Vegalab as a partner in the United States. We have tailored our products to maximize production and consistent with the mission of Vegalab, we are committed to the environment and sustainable agriculture. We will work together to supply better, earth-friendly products which, improve overall produce yields, year after year.”  

David Selakovic, CEO of Vegalab, said, “We have been in conversations with the team at Van Iperen International for some time. The Vegalab management team was widely aware the Netherlands has become an agricultural powerhouse and their farmers have developed many of the most advanced farming techniques deployed worldwide. The team at Van Iperen and their products are well-known across the Netherlands, however; their specialty fertilizers and solutions, have not been widely available to the farming community in the United States. Vegalab looks forward to introducing the American farmers and growers on how to improve their crops with Van Iperen and Vegalab products, while protecting the biome.”