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Vertellus Morflex 1129 to enhance improved clarity, flexibility and strength in polyesters

Vertellus is a leading global supplier of Morflex 1129 (dimethyl isopthalate, DMIP), an intermediate used in the synthesis of polyesters. Morflex 1129 delivers strength, clarity, flexibility, good solvency and plasticization of polyesters.

Morflex 1129 allows the manufacture of amorphous co-polyester elastomers used in automotive and consumer applications, supporting improved flexibility, low modulus and enhanced structural strength.

From a utilization perspective, Morflex 1129 is increasingly being utilized for fibres, films and optical lens applications. It is used as a plasticizer or as an intermediate to increase the molecular weight of polyesters, contributing to enhanced mechanical and optical properties such as transparency.  Morflex 1129 also contributes to heat resistance and increased adhesion in PET & PEN type polyester films and laminating resins.

Morflex 1129 serves as a key raw material for 5-Sulfo dimethyl isopthalate and in the manufacture of water soluble polyester resins. Some applications that source Morflex 1129 include textile film, metal, paper processing, paints and specialty inks.

From an innovation perspective, Morflex 1129 offers potential applications across a breadth of industries such as automotive, consumer and industrial goods. Morflex offers a key advantage in PET and PBT engineering thermoplastics by reducing the materials’ melting point and thus easing the processing of resins. This is achieved through reduced crystallization, which also helps improve flexibility, clarity and structural strength in polyester compounds. Other examples of potential applications for Morflex 1129 include serving as a building block for increasing molecular weight and flexibility in recycled polyester and unsaturated polyesters.  

“Vertellus is excited about the possibilities Morflex 1129 brings to manufacturers and formulators of polyesters across a wide range of sectors,” said Prasad Taranekar, Marketing Manager at Vertellus. “This technology is presenting new options for manufacturers of both virgin and recycled polyesters.”