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WeylChem Group completes integration of Spanish subsidiary

WeylChem Bilbao to cooperate closely with French sister company WeylChem Lamotte

Alix Deschamps, Managing Director, WeylChem Lamotte and WeylChem Bilbao

With the appointment of Alix Deschamps as Managing Director, WeylChem has completed the integration of its latest acquisition, WeylChem Bilbao. The Group had acquired the sulfuric acid plant in August last year from INEOS. The Spanish site is now operating in close coordination with WeylChem Lamotte in Northern France, WeylChem’s largest production site that also produces sulfuric acid. “This alignment further increases our flexibility and delivery reliability towards customers across Southern Europe, allowing both teams to learn from each other and create synergies going forward”, explains Alix Deschamps.

WeylChem has kept the workforce stable after the acquisition and already initiated new investments, for instance in additional storage capacity. Uwe Brunk, President of the WeylChem Group of Companies, says: “We are extremely pleased with our new asset in general and the smooth cooperation with our new colleagues during the integration process in particular. WeylChem is now one of the leading European players in sulfur chemistry, and we plan to expand this position based on our enhanced capacities and capabilities.”