CPHI North America 2024: Bringing together Innovation in Pharma  

Event Overview:

CPHI North America continues its tradition of being the nexus where the world’s largest healthcare economy converges with global pharma markets, ingredients suppliers, and the entire supply chain. This year, the event will be held from 7-9 May 2024, bringing together a diverse array of industry leaders, innovators, and developers at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. As the central hub for US drug development and manufacturing, CPHI North America serves as an indispensable platform for fostering collaborations and showcasing cutting-edge advancements in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Attendee Profile:

The 2024 edition of CPHI North America is expected to draw thousands of pharma professionals from over 101 countries, with 75% of attendees holding purchasing power and 48% representing the C-Suite. With a focus on connecting industry pioneers, fostering knowledge exchange, and facilitating business transactions, the event promises to be a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants and for more than 250 exhibitors.

Exhibition Highlights:

Exhibitors at CPHI North America will represent the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, including clinical trial supply, ingredients manufacturing, packaging, biologics, and finished products. The event offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest innovations, forge strategic partnerships, and gain insights into emerging trends shaping the industry. Interest in the US market has never been higher, with the country ranking as the top destination for innovation and manufacturing in the recent CPHI Annual Survey.

Hybrid Format:

To enhance attendee accessibility and engagement, the event will adopt a hybrid format, combining in-person and online components. The digital platform will launch ahead of the in-person event, providing attendees with opportunities for networking, learning, and sourcing products and services. The online platform will remain active for two months post-event, ensuring continuous interaction and knowledge sharing within the pharma community.

The right badge for you:

At CPHI North America, the aim is to ensure that every attendee has a personalized experience tailored to their purpose for attending. To achieve this goal, a qualification process is being introduced during registration this year. The information provided by attendees will assist in determining the badge options available to them. By making the right connections, building better relationships, and taking advantage of the offerings at the show, attendees can have the best possible experience.

There are a variety of pass options to meet specific needs:

Attendee: This pass allows attendees to meet peers in production, procurement, supply chain, and R&D, while discovering innovations and insights from over 250 exhibits in their field.

Attendee VIP: This pass provides a first-class experience, granting access to the event, exclusive VIP areas, complimentary refreshments, and more.

Networking Foundations: This pass is tailored for Sales, Marketing, and Business Development professionals, offering an opportunity to explore the networking potential and learning opportunities available at CPHI North America.

Networking Accelerator: Designed especially for Sales, Marketing, and Business Development professionals, this pass is the ultimate choice for boosting networking efforts, providing enhanced connections before, during, and after the event.

Exciting New Feature: The Start-Up Market:

This year, the organisers have introduced ‘The Start-Up Market’, a dedicated space where Start-Ups, innovators, and small enterprises from the industry can exhibit their exciting new products and solutions. The Start-Up Market is the space to visit to discover new innovations and connect with companies at the cutting edge of the pharma industry. Eligible companies classified as “Start-Ups” and active in the pharma, biopharma, digital, or medical device sectors can exhibit.

Conference Tracks:

The event will feature an extensive lineup of conference sessions covering key topics and trends in the North American pharmaceutical market. Attendees can expect insightful discussions, engaging case studies, and keynote presentations across four dedicated tracks:

Day 1 – May 7th:

Breakfast Session: The day begins with a breakfast session focusing on “Patient-Centric Dosage Forms: Enhancing Acceptance and Adherence in Special Populations”. The presentation addresses the challenges of medication acceptance and adherence in special populations like pediatric and geriatric groups, highlighting strategies to overcome these challenges.

Track 1: Sustainable Futures: This track explores sustainability in pharmaceutical practices. The opening keynote by Jim Massey, Chief Sustainability Officer at Zai Lab, discusses accelerating the path to net zero in pharmaceutical practices. Sessions delve into innovations in green packaging, supply chain sustainability, and industry-wide programs for decarbonizing pharmaceutical supply chains.

Track 2: Revolutionizing Drug Manufacturing: This track, focuses on transforming drug manufacturing processes. Sessions cover topics such as embracing risk-taking mindsets for efficient production, ensuring quality in technical transfer and process performance qualification, and elevating drug manufacturing efficiency and quality through personalized medicine and modern quality practices.

CDMO Roundtable: The CDMO roundtable provides an interactive platform to discuss outsourcing trends and industry insights. Participants engage in discussions on technological advancements, regulatory considerations, and strategic partnerships in the expanding world of CDMOs.

Day 2 – May 8th:

Breakfast Session: Manufacturing Excellence: The morning session explores “Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs): Navigating Four Pillars of Safety, Development, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Excellence.” It delves into the complexities of ADC production, emphasizing the importance of supply chain characteristics, safety requirements, and partnerships with CDMOs.

Track 3: Supply Chain Economy: This track focuses on the pharmaceutical supply chain. Sessions examine the challenges and opportunities in rebuilding the global pharmaceutical supply chain, utilizing data analytics for optimized supply chains, navigating drug pricing dynamics, and reshoring US pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Track 4: Exploring Excipients: This track, explores the role of excipients in pharmaceutical formulations. Sessions cover topics such as the resurgence of excipients in modern medicine, harnessing excipient innovation for next-generation medicines, technological innovations in excipients, and the impact of PFAS in US pharmaceuticals.

Don’t Miss Out:

CPHI North America 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone looking to do business in North America’s thriving pharmaceutical market. Whether you’re seeking new partnerships, staying abreast of industry trends, or exploring the latest innovations, this event offers unparalleled opportunities to connect, learn, and grow.

Register today to secure your spot at CPHI North America and join fellow industry leaders in shaping the future of pharma: https://www.cphi.com/northamerica/en/attend/attend/badges.html