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Eigenmann & Veronelli - Creating value for customers in chemical manufacture and distribution for more than 100 years

By Luca Mantovani, CEO

Eigenmann& Veronelli was established in 1910 and now offers distribution, manufacturing and logistics services to customers across 17 industry sectors. Here, company CEO Luca Mantovani describes how the business has developed over the past 110 years and outlines its vision for the future.


Established in 1910 by entrepreneurs Giovanni Eigenmann and Adolfo Veronelli, Eigenmann & Veronelli has been creating value for customers and suppliers in the distribution and production of fine chemicals, speciality chemicals and performance materials for more than a century. The company combines local market knowledge with international chemical innovation to meet the ever-evolving demands of the global life sciences, nutrition, polymers, and industrial chemical sectors with a direct presence in five countries across Southern and Eastern Europe, and sales in more than 30 countries around the world. Eigenmann & Veronelli offers a range of manufacturing, analytical and logistics services for customers across 17 industrial sectors, and is organized into four business units: Life Sciences; Nutrition; Polymers; and Industrial Chemicals.


Sustainable innovation


“For more than 100 years, Eigenmann & Veronelli has supported both principals and end-customers, leveraging our extensive market knowledge and technical know-how to develop customized solutions that deliver value across the supply chain,” says Luca Mantovani, the company’s CEO. “This combination of long-standing experience and wide-ranging expertise makes Eigenmann & Veronelli a reliable partner to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of its customers’ products and materials. Building on this enduring foundation has enabled us to seize unprecedented opportunities for innovation, discover novel applications for existing products, introduce new products to the market and ensure long-term sustainability and a constant focus at the company on offering targeted solutions based on the individual needs of customers and suppliers. This has been the key factor in E&V’s past, present and future success,” Mantovani states.


Successful history


“E&V has a successful history of business growth based on solid and sustainable company values and strong expertise. Our main mission of ‘being the catalyst between supply and demand’ has been the base for developing very solid relationships with primary speciality chemical companies that have been working for several decades in providing existing and innovative products for distribution in the territories were E&V operates. In addition, E&V has, over the years, developed manufacturing capabilities in order to provide contract manufacturing services to major companies as well as for developing its own products,” Mantovani adds.


“Cosmetics is a very important sector within E&V and the most important within the company’s Life Science cluster. We distribute products from major international companies and also carry out manufacturing of some key products used in the cosmetics industry on a CMO basis. Business has been growing organically by adding new suppliers in order to complete our range of products as well as by expanding geographically. On the manufacturing side, we specialized in producing esters that were wholly of natural origin, these ingredients finding application in skin-care and make-up products,” he says.


Eigenmann & Veronelli’s business has overall a value of about €380 million and a CAGR of about 4-5% with distribution representing the largest part of the company’s business. “We have both the ambition to continue growing organically as well as via selected acquisitions that fit our overall strategy,” says Mantovani. “Over the past ten years we have added four new companies to the group and we intend to accelerate this process through further investment, with cosmetics as one of the main growth options for the future. On the geographic side, we aim to strengthen our position in the regions where we are already present and also develop sales of our products outside Europe.”


Investing in human resources


Mantovani says that one of the key success factors for E&V has always been investing in human resources with strong technological and industry knowledge, which he says has helped the company to transfer innovative products from its principals to customers by providing the necessary expertise to its clients: “We believe that this is the right way to differentiate and satisfy all our ‘stakeholders’, principals and customers alike. In the cosmetics sector, we have both commercial as well as technical people, with an application lab that can also develop tailor-made formulations for different clients,” he says, adding that cosmetic is is one of the most innovative and fast-growing sectors within the life sciences industry, one that will benefit from major new developments such as health & wellness, sustainability, and increased connectivity via digitization.


“These trends will drive innovation and an appetite for further investment. E&V will pursue all this by continuing to develop relationships with primary industry leaders as well as by continuing to develop its CMO business.


“Building on our strong values, keeping alert to the main trends and staying agile in executing actions are themes that will keep us busy for the future in order to pursue our ambitious objectives of growth and making a contribution to sustainable progress in the cosmetics sector,” Mantovani concludes.


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