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Hybrid cosmetics from Asia

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Florence Bernadin, Founder of Information et Inspiration, explains how hybrid cosmetics from Asia are providing new answers

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Florence Bernadin, Founder of Information et Inspiration, explains how hybrid cosmetics from Asia are providing new answers to old challenges, with unique formulas, textures and packaging solutions that meet modern consumer demands.
As today’s modern lifestyle trends impact the cosmetics and personal care markets, today’s products are oriented not just towards beauty and efficacy. They are also connected to a range of factors reflecting a focus on health, well-being and modern living. According to Florence Bernadin, Founder of Information et Inspiration, much of the innovation behind this revolution is coming from Asian cosmetics, thanks to their unique hybrid formulas, amazing textures and novel packaging solutions, all of which are designed to perfectly match modern consumers’ daily needs.
Chemicals Knowledge spoke to Florence in advance of her presentation on Hybrid cosmetics from Asia at in-cosmetics North America – if you are attending the exhibition in New York City, you can hear her speak on 17th October at 2:45-3:30 pm and on 18th October at 11:45-12:30 pm.


How do you define a ‘hybrid cosmetic’?
Hybrid products started with the idea of more than two different functions, benefits, or products combined in a perfect ratio, in order to deliver a maximized, boosted and adapted solution! Products on the market started from ‘All-in-one’ beauty balm creams that provide everything the consumer wants from skincare and makeup in just one application. These products are typically enriched with hydrating, moisturizing ingredients, combined with others that leave the skin smooth and glowing with a vision of health.
Today’s hot topic is all about the in-between products (also called ‘bridge items’ in Korea), referring to those products designed for an essential passage between skincare and makeup, to deliver a perfected level of skin finish and the desired result when makeup is applied.
What do you think are the main lifestyle factors driving this trend?
I think there are two main factors driving this trend. First and foremost, today’s busy consumers want time saving products, and they are on a quest for ideal skin in the minimum time. Secondly, consumers are looking for products such as cosmetics with additional skin care benefits that also provide reassurance for those concerned about harsh chemicals and sensitive skin. So multi-tasking products that give consumers a perfect finish in record time are the ones responding to market demands right now.
What have been your favourite hybrid products to date?
I would have to give the top spot to Cloud 9 (Claire’s) Blanc de Whitening. Launched in 2014, this instant brightening cream really created a new hybrid category with the tone up product. Then for a close second I’d award Dr Jart Cicapair Recover (launched in 2016), which combines a herbal soothing, anti-redness formula with protection from environmental aggressors.
How did Asia become the source of innovation in this sector?
The Korean market has taken the lead for this product category since the success of beauty balm and colour correcting creams, cushions and tone up creams. The innovative and successful aspects of the K-beauty revolution have boosted these products, redefined usages and textures. Nowadays, as Korea is a strong supplying market, manufacturers are working intensively to stay ahead in the sector, but as cosmetic trends are driving more and more consumers to demand more functionality from their products, all markets are moving in this direction and competition is increasing.

How can North American or European companies maximize on this trend?
All countries can maximize on the trends of adding new skincare ingredients into makeup categories, new time-saving products, and new easy usages for all product categories – including new packages, encapsulation and transformation. Just as we are seeing the international success of beauty balm creams, we can expect to see more hybrid products being developed all over the world.
Where do you think the next main opportunities will lie?
We can already see that in-shower products, hair care and colouring products are moving in new directions with amazing multiple benefits combining care and colour, but this hybrid definition will extend to many more product categories to satisfy consumers. The future of hybrid is bright and full of potential!

Florence Bernadin will be discussing Japanese beauty ant hybrid products from Asia at in-cosmetic North America – you can hear her speak on 17th October at 2:45 pm and on 18th October at 11:45 pm.

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