Materials Science

BASF launches stir-in pigment for automotive coatings

BASF announced today a pioneering stir-in pigment for automotive coatings, that provides enhanced colour depth, flop, and sparkle.  eXpand! Red (EH 3427), marketed under the Colors & Effects brand, is the first pigment to result from the strategic partnership between BASF and Landa Labs that was established last year. BASF will showcase the pigment at the American Coatings Show (ACS), held in Indianapolis, April 10–12.

“We are excited to introduce the first pigment in our eXpand! line,” said Paul Verhoeven, eXpand! business leader at BASF. “By bringing this technology to our customers, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to offering a revolutionary generation of Colors & Effects pigments that meet the requirements of the automotive coatings industry.”

Infinite styling options, reduced production time and costs                                 
The blue-shade red pigment features both high transparency and high tinting strength for unique, more intensive shades with lower scattering. Compatible with modern automotive coating systems, eXpand! Red is the first of its kind suitable for outdoor applications. The small particle sized stir-in pigment is easily dispersible and cuts the time involved in the production process as opposed to conventional milling methods; this lowers costs significantly.

BASF will be exhibiting eXpand! Red in room 135 at the ACS. Other featured pigments include Lumina Royal Exterior Dragon Gold EH 0907 (S2823D), a brilliant greenish-golden, semitransparent effect pigment. It extends the color space potential for high chroma shades in automotive OEM / refinish, aerospace, building & construction, powder coatings and consumer electronics applications.