Materials Science

BASF presents new superplasticizer technologies for ready-mixed concrete industry

As a Gold Sponsor at the 18th ERMCO Congress, which is being held in Oslo, Norway, on June 7 and 8, BASF is presenting its broad portfolio of innovative solutions for the ready-mixed concrete industry under the brand name of Master Builders Solutions. At the Congress, users can learn about the benefits of the latest superplasticizer generation.

Products in the MasterEase series are water-reducing admixtures that significantly improve the rheological properties of fresh concrete. This makes it easier for concrete mixtures with a high share of aggregates to be mixed, pumped, placed and smoothed. MasterEase admixtures allow the resource-efficient optimization of concrete, time-efficient construction and the production of concrete surfaces of outstanding quality. The advantage for customers: MasterEase ensures low viscosity and at the same time a high stability of the concrete mixture.

New to the portfolio: The MasterEase 9000 series was developed especially for ready-mixed concrete and on-site applications. The innovative technology allows the production of extremely low-viscosity concrete. In addition, it ensures high-quality concrete with long processing times and outstanding rheological properties.

Also new: MasterSure LDP comes from the MasterEase 9000 product range and is a special superplasticizer for applications where very long consistency maintenance is required in combination with top-class rheology for example for foundation pile concretes or long-distance pumping. MasterSure LDP technology allows the consistency of flowable concretes to be maintained for three hours and longer. The benefit to the customer is that concrete remains workable and stable over long transportation and pumping distances.