Brenntag North America opens Food & Nutrition Application Centre

The Brenntag North America Food & Nutrition Application & Development Centre in Allentown, PA has officially opened. Through this centre, further support will be provided to customers in the United States and Canada who face food and nutrition formulation challenges with technical solutions and inventive ideas.

“Our Food & Nutrition business provides customers and suppliers with increased market knowledge, application expertise, and logistical services to reach markets anywhere in the world,” said Steven Terwindt, COO of Brenntag North America. “Our investment in this centre demonstrates our commitment to excellence in this important business segment.”

The centre will be fully equipped to handle new product development and ingredient application assistance in all areas within the food and nutrition industry.

“Customers will gain valuable benefits from working with the technical food team as they help develop new product formulas,” said Larry Davis, Vice President Food and Nutrition of Brenntag North America. “Using specialty ingredients from our portfolio will shorten development time and help solve formulating difficulties.”

In the Food & Nutrition Application & Development Center, the Brenntag team will conduct ingredient qualification, food application testing, and prototype development focused on strategic products and applications. Food applications include baked goods, beverage, confectionery, formed meat, dairy, and more.

“The combination of our experienced application specialists and new modern equipment will allow us to formulate new product concepts, help reduce costs, and create unique solutions to fit rapidly changing consumer market trends.,” said Asim Syed, Food Applications R&D Director for Brenntag North America.