Brenntag Specialties announces partnership with Qualifyze to enhance pharmaceutical audit offering

Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, today announced its partnership with audit provider Qualifyze. The collaboration will improve access for Brenntag’s own and for new customers to high-quality third-party audits of Brenntag’s suppliers. As an intermediary between the original manufacturers and customers, Brenntag is responding to customer’s audit needs and believes that shared third party audits are an effective solution to address the challenges manufacturers currently face in meeting customer audit requests.


Qualifyze specializes in Good Practice audits (GxP) audits and is able to perform third party audits. Their expertise covers a wide range of areas, including excipients, starting materials, packaging, sustainability, and more. Qualifyze handles every step of the audit cycle, from agenda planning and scheduling to Corrective and Preventive Action updates, to the issuance of interim and final reports.

“We are excited to partner with Qualifyze, an industry leader in the audit domain,” said Ryan Hill, Director of Pharma Services EMEA at Brenntag. “This collaboration provides customers access to high quality audits of suppliers. Shared third party audits are a practical solutionfor our customers to meet regulatory requirements, and we are pleased to support these requests via Qualifyze” states Hill. Audits require significant resources from both parties. Shared third-party audits are more widely accepted by suppliers than individual customer audits.

Brenntag’s pharmaceutical regulatory specialists work closely with manufacturers to address specific customer requirements. If challenges arise during the audit process, shared third-party audits have proven to be a viable solution that is supported by both customers and manufacturers. Manufacturing audits conducted by Qualifyze ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, and quality requirements.

“By joining forces with Brenntag, we’re able to offer more comprehensive auditing services and streamline the workload of busy suppliers, while increasing transparency and trust in the pharmaceutical industry” said David Schneider, CEO & Founder at Qualifyze.