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Cefic-LRI launches new tool to assess bioaccumulation

Cefic’s Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) introduces the Bioaccumulation Assessment Tool (BAT), a groundbreaking new tool that will facilitate compliance with bioaccumulation safety data requirements.

Chemicals have to undergo bioaccumulation hazard assessment as part of national and international regulatory programs and treaties. However, as Pierre Barthelemy, Cefic Executive Director, Research and Innovation, explains Because of various methods, metrics, criteria, data sources and uncertainty, making a bioaccumulation assessment can be a serious challenge. This is why we are launching BAT – a free tool that will guide compliance managers through the process of assessing bioaccumulation of every substance”.

The BAT tool integrates multiple sources of in vitro, in vivo and in silico data to facilitate the decision-making process for registrants and bioaccumulation assessors. It provides a consistent and transparent quantitative weight of evidence approach to aid bioaccumulation assessment decision-making. It guides the user through data collection, generation, evaluation, and integration for various lines of evidence.

The BAT was developed by ARC Arnot Research and Consulting with the involvement of stakeholder representatives from academia, government and industry and funded by a Cefic-LRI grant. More details on the BAT tool can be found here.