Materials Science

ElogioAM releases Facilan HT, 3D printing filament for FDM additive manufacturing

ElogioAM, newly formed Joint Venture between Swedish Perstorp and Dutch 3D4Makers, continues to introduce its new filament solutions to advance FDM additive manufacturing. Following its breakthrough, easy to print Facilan C8 delivering superior finish, mechanical properties and minimum post-processing for demanding prototyping, models and spare parts, ElogioAM is proud to introduce its new addition, Facilan HT.

FDM Additive Manufacturing requires more durable and high strength materials to take full benefits of 3D printing. PLA, PET are of limited use for durable application due to their relatively low temperature resistance while ABS suffers of warping and relatively low strength. Facilan HT is designed to address those common product limitations and specifically designed for 3D printing. It is a safe copolyester with high temperature resistance with heat deflection temperature of 89°C. Its high stiffness enables design optimization for faster rigid part print jobs.

Like all Facilan products, it is designed to easily be printed on most conventional FDM printers available with minimum warping. It is fully amorphous and enables the production of translucent parts in the z direction. FacilanHT has been extensively tested during its development and the feedback has been very positive.

“Excellent technical support from the Elogio team, Facilan HT is as easy to print as PLA, with a good level of translucidity, perfect for our prototyping needs”, says Matthew Forrester, 3D printing Tech leader L`Oréal, France.

“Facilan HT is excellent, it is printing with no warping and good stability.“ Nomura Toshihito, J-Techno Inc. Digital Manufacturing Systems, Japan.

“I tested Facilan HT on the DDDrop and the Ultimaker, very easy to print with and nice glossy shine.” Dick Potharst, Multi-3dPrint, the Netherlands.

“We are proud to work together with ElogioAM and showcase the Facilan HT at our booth. The material has great potential for applications where exceptional stability and simple printing process is a requirement.” Imants Treidis, CEO, Mass Portal, Latvia.