Materials Science

EVONIK introduces new Trogamud molding compound for optical applications

Evonik has developed a new polyamide molding compound for optical applications. TROGAMID myCX high flow offers crystal-clear transparency, excellent wear comfort and high durability along with improved processing capabilities. This unique property profile makes the high-performance polymer a preferred material for high-end lenses and visors, e.g. in sun visors or ski goggles. The specialty chemicals company will present TROGAMID myCX high flow at MIDO 2019 in Milan (Italy) from February 23 to 25.

Compared to similar high-performance materials, the significantly improved flowability of TROGAMID myCX makes it possible to process the molding compound at a temperature profile that is at least 20°C lower. That enables greater energy efficiency and productivity in processing.

TROGAMID myCX high flow, which stands out for its excellent transparency of over 90% and low density of 1.03 g/cm², was specifically designed for demanding optical applications such as premium lenses or high-end visors for ski and snowboard goggles. The high-performance polymer combines outstanding quality and freedom of design with maximum wear comfort. Due to its exceptional mechanical properties, resistance to stress cracking, and breaking strength, TROGAMID myCX high flow guarantees the high levels of durability and safety that are essential for the optical industry. In addition, the new transparent polyamide by Evonik can be combined with all frame materials.

TROGAMID stands for a product family of transparent polyamides that have been used in the optical industry with great success for over 20 years. The portfolio includes innovative high-performance polymers for lenses and frames as well as further materials, including for UV protection or polarizing films for high-contrast vision.