Expansion of Mediterranean deep sea port offers distribution opportunities

Port-La Nouvelle is France’s 3rd largest port on the Mediterranean. Owned by the Regional Council of OCCITANIE Pyrénées-Méditerranée and managed by the Chamber of Commerce of Aude, the port has built a solid reputation for reliability. It operates all kinds of goods (2 Mt per year) out of which 60 % of liquid bulk. In 2017, the tonnage increased by +4.86 %.

In order to boost the regional Economy, the second largest region in France and a powerful economic territory with the 5th French GDP, Port Authorities has planned an ambitious deep sea port expansion which must be considered as a brand new port. The future port will accommodate ocean-going-vessels up to 14.50 m draft (dredging at minus 16 m) and its location will allow easy rail distribution to Europe.

“Of course, the future deep sea port is open to Chemical Products,” declared a spokesperson for the Port de Commerce de Port-la-Nouvelle.

In order to strengthen the port attractiveness, Port Authorities will put to place a very innovative port management. They are currently seeking a private partner (or group of partners) to accompany the Regional Council through a long-term contract starting in 2021 (intention 30 years). The public-private partnership will finance and build the terminals, operate the port and manage the global infrastructure. Such organization is unique for a commercial seaport in France and should particularly suit investors willing to develop their activities in the west-Mediterranean.
The new port also offers enhanced logistical opportunities for chemicals distributors shipping bulk quanitites in and out of the Mediterranean region.

The long term aim of this Greenfield Port is to develop traffic whilst attracting new projects and trades. Accordingly, the OCCITANIE Region intends to play a major role in the Mediterranean market. Investors are welcome to share the regional vision consisting in regular investment policy in the blue economy that make the region one of the most ambitious for operators and shippers looking for new and innovative opportunities. Contact: commercial@pln-port.com