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in-cosmetics Asia to spotlight key developments in APAC cosmetics market amid shift towards sustainable beauty

Over the last few years, the APAC cosmetics market has witnessed significant change. Not least due to increased reliance on social media platforms and a soaring following of beauty influencers that are moving the dial when it comes to the latest trends.

Research from Mordor Intelligence suggests that location plays a pivotal role in APAC cosmetic sales, with consumers in urban areas spending three times as much on haircare and skincare products compared to those in rural areas[1]. However, the data also showed that the growing influence of media in rural areas has been significantly impacting sales, particularly in the haircare sector.

When it comes to skincare, an increasingly elderly population and consumer awareness continue to fuel the growth of anti-ageing[2] products. Meanwhile, newer trends such as ‘skinimalism’[3]  and hybrid cosmetics[4] continue to rise in popularity, as Asian consumers seek a streamlined cosmetic experience. Whereas in haircare and suncare, environmental conditions[5] and rising temperatures are hiking product sales in these areas, and rapidly piquing interest in ethical ingredients and formulations.

Unpacking the biggest topics, innovations, and challenges across skincare, haircare, suncare, and sustainable beauty, in-cosmetics Asia will return 7-9 November 2023 and present a comprehensive agenda for brands to get ahead of the curve.

A sustainable future

Over the past few years, growing consumer awareness and purchasing power in Asia have created a powerful shift towards sustainable products and practices. According to research from Euromonitor International[6], 75% of survey respondents in the beauty and personal care space were planning on developing products with vegan, vegetarian and plant-based claims in 2022.

However, the demand for ethical cosmetics isn’t just shaping new products and services but also the way brands operate and communicate with their customers. Euromonitor has recommended that cosmetic brands focus on consumer education and transparency to effectively communicate with customers and encourage brand loyalty.

This year’s attendees will enjoy a dedicated ‘Spotlight On’ product showcase, focused on Sustainable, Conscious Beauty. Key sessions in the Spotlight On theatre include ‘Voyage of sustainability: From the citrus flower, Dai-dai to Neona’, scheduled to be hosted by Yunfei Xu, Marketing Manager at Ingredi Biotech. This presentation will focus on the benefits of Ingredi’s new product Neona, such as its fair-trade agricultural practices with local growers and the flexible work opportunities the brand has created for local females in rural areas.

Another key session scheduled for the Marketing Trends Theatre will be ‘Conscious consumerism and the pursuit of sustainable beauty’, run by market research company, Euromonitor International. It will explore how mindful consumerism has created a discernible shift in consumer shopping habits. Modern consumers are well-informed, purpose-driven, and inclined to support brands that align with their values. With this in mind, the session will cover how transparency and affordability have taken on heightened importance in their purchasing decisions.

An education in skincare

Valued at USD$76.82 billion in 2021[7], the APAC skincare market is expected to see significant growth over the next five years[8]. This is partly due to the rising prevalence of skincare disorders and aesthetic consciousness among Asian consumers[9]. However, there are certain challenges which need to be overcome to maintain this trajectory. These include adhering to government regulations, consumer demand for sustainable packaging, as well as ethical, cruelty-free products and formulations.

This year’s education programme at in-cosmetics Asia will highlight some of the key developments in the APAC skincare market, and how brands are taking on prominent industry challenges. Run by Asia Cosme Lab and being held in the Marketing Trends and Regulations Theatre, a session on Skintone Management will deep dive into the evolution of the market, where inclusivity is being increasingly championed, while also promoting an ideal skin tone and complexion.

Driven by an increasingly elderly population and rising consumer awareness, products with integrated anti-ageing properties are also growing in popularity in the APAC skincare market. In line with this, the programme will feature several technical seminars including ‘For younger and healthier skin — Bioactive brightening & tightening solutions’ run by Sylvia Liu, Product Manager, Bloomage Biotechnology and ‘Velvety skin feel and wrinkle reduction with upcycled fermentation ingredient’ hosted by Kenji Oike, Chief Executive Officer, Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation.

Haircare development

The Asian haircare market currently sits at USD$33.04 billion and is expected to hit USD$43.59 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.70% according to Mordor Intelligence[10]. As such, a host of experts will take to the stage to discuss the current consumer trends driving the expansion of the APAC haircare industry.

Highlights include a session in the Marketing Trends Theatre examining innovation in hair and scalp care, looking at the influence of skincare on the hair category with a focus on scalp-centric products and the rise of aromatherapeutic and ayurvedic plant ingredients. The session will also delve into evolving beauty standards and how these are driving diverse hair trends and fostering innovation, as well as cross-regional differences in the category and strategies for promoting long-term scalp and hair health.

Also looking at haircare, Tanya Rajani, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst at Mintel India, will lead a discussion on India’s hair oil secrets, analysing the latest trends in the market and the role of hair oils in India from treatment to wellbeing.

The event will also feature ‘Love is in the Hair’ a visual showcase profiling trendy ingredients that are presented in formulated prototypes – demonstrating how they can be used in finished products. This is designed for visitors looking to formulate next-generation hair and scalp care products, embracing key trends before they hit the market.

Innovation in suncare

In 2023, revenue in the APAC sun protection market hit USD$3.9 billion, with projections that the market will grow by 5.9% CAGR over the next five years[11]. In fact, with a variety of environmental and societal factors driving this increase, the region is now the global leader.

This year’s education programme features several demonstrations on how to develop suncare products in the Formulation Lab.  Kimberly Burch, Global Technical Applications Director – Personal Care at Elementis Specialties will be running ‘Dry touch mineral sunscreen, a cold processed minimalist sun protection formula’. Attendees will learn how to prepare a pure mineral sunscreen with only 10 ingredients, through a very simple and cold process.

Another key demonstration at the Formulation Lab entitled ‘O/W waterproof mineral sunscreen with biodegradable emulsifier’ will be hosted by Haruna Sawaguchi, Formulation Development Group at Nikko Chemicals. The session will demonstrate how to develop a low-viscosity, milk-type mineral sunscreen that uses only UV shields and is highly waterproof despite being O/W type.

Sarah Gibson, Event Director for in-cosmetics Asia, commented: “Asia Pacific is the number one beauty market globally, and as a result, the eyes of the world are focused on the region and the innovation being generated there. The in-cosmetics Asia Education Programme will shine a light on this rapidly evolving market, focusing on the key trends, challenges and developments.

“Sustainability is currently one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the region – with cosmetics brands altering their products, operations, and practices to meet the demands of a new generation of consumers. However, not so long ago, the topic would barely hit the corporate agenda, often serving as a tick box activity to be completed.

“Through a combination of technical seminars, product and ingredient showcases, and marketing trends sessions, the in-cosmetics Asia education programme will highlight the biggest innovations in sustainable and ethical beauty today. With pre-show visitor registration currently at a record high, there is confirmed demand for better understanding and education in the industry – which in-cosmetics Asia is here to provide.”

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