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WACKER Showcases Silicone Formulation for Water-Saving Hair-Care Products

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WACKER is all set to present a range of selected silicone products for cosmetics and hair-care applica- tions at this year’s in-cosmetics Global. The spotlight will be on the silicone elastomer gel BELSIL® EG 3000, the gum blend BELSIL® GB 3010 and the biomethanol-based BELSIL® eco

EG 3001 and BELSIL® eco DM 3096. At the “Sensory Bar”, another highlight this year, WACKER will be showcasing a formulation for water- and energy-saving leave-in hair lotions that no longer need to be rinsed out after shampooing. This year’s edition of in-cosmetics Global will be held in Paris, France, from April 16 to 18.

Conditioners are very popular, especially among those who prefer wearing longer hair. After treatment, the hair feels soft and silky and is easy to comb. Conditioners are usually applied after shampooing and rinsed out after a few minutes. This not only takes time, but also increases water and energy consumption.

At in-cosmetics Global, WACKER intends to reveal other options. The company will be presenting a formulation for leave-in hair care products for the very first time. In contrast to conventional hair con- ditioners, leave-in products remain on the hair. “Consumers may initially need some time getting used to it,” says hair-care specialistGerhard Beer, referring to common consumer habits. “For many, shampoos and rinse-off conditioners are part of their regular care ritual.”

On the other hand, cosmetics manufacturers continue to increase their focus on sustainability and conserving natural resources. “Leave-in conditioners that remain on the hair and are not rinsed off are much more sustainable,” explains the silicone expert. “Firstly, these products have excellent care properties. Secondly, water and energy consumption in the shower can be significantly reduced by using such hair-care products. More than anything, you save time because you don’t have to rinse your hair at all.”

The formulation that will be on display at in-cosmetics Global essentially consists of the gum blend BELSIL® GB 3010 and the silicone emulsion BELSIL® DADM 3240 E. This is the first time that both products have been combined in this form: BELSIL® GB 3010, a gum blend which is frequently used in anti-split-end fluids, gives damaged hair a well-groomed appearance. BELSIL® DADM 3240 E, an emulsion that envelops the hair, ensures a good soft feel, good combability and long-lasting protection. A perfect match, so to speak.

Silicone Elastomer Gels with Organic Solvents

The second highlight at the company’s booth are BELSIL® EG 3000 and BELSIL® eco EG 3001, which was recently awarded the Fountain Award for sustainable products at PCHi 2024. WACKER pursues an alternative formulation concept for these two silicone elastomer gels. Instead of a siloxane-based solvent, the products contain organic substances that are commonly used in the cosmeticsindustry. BELSIL® EG 3000 is formulated with the organic solvent isohexadecane, while BELSIL® eco EG 3001 contains a mixture of undecane and tridecane. Isohexadecane is biodegradable to a limited extent. Undecane and tridecane are fully degraded by microorganisms in the environment. Laboratory tests show that, in terms of their properties and performance, the new gels are virtually equal to siloxane-based products.

BELSIL® eco EG 3001 offers another advantage. As indicated by the suffix “eco,” the gel is manufactured using raw materials from renew- able sources. The methanol in the production of siloxane is 100 per- cent plant based. The solvent is likewise obtained from renewable raw materials. This makes BELSIL® eco EG 3001 a resource-con- serving, ecologically beneficial alternative to silicone elastomer gels based on fossil raws.

New Gum Blends for Hair Care

At in-cosmetics 2024, the spotlight will also be on the gum blend BELSIL® eco DM 3096. Due to its conditioning properties, the blend is likewise suited for formulating hair-care products. Treatment with such products gives rise to smooth, shiny hair. Damaged hair can attain a natural, healthy appearance. BELSIL® eco DM 3096 is based on biomethanol and thus a resource-conserving version of the established gum blend BELSIL® DM 3096. As with all of WACKER’s BELSIL® eco products, their manufacture is certified to the REDcert² standard.