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Innovative and resource-saving solutions from BASF's Master Builders Solutions

BASF’s Master Builders Solutions experts will be presenting their broad portfolio of innovative solutions at this year’s BetonTage exhibition, held from February 20 – 22, 2018, in Neu-Ulm, Germany, at Booth 54/55. At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about products such as MasterEase, MasterFiber, Master X-Seed and MasterSuna and the benefits they provide for use in concrete production.

The innovations showcased will include the MasterProtect range of products for the surface protection of manufactured concrete products. “Our MasterProtect range prevents manufactured concrete products from premature staining and fading: The products create a durable protective film on the surface, blocking dirt-particle penetration”, explains Markus Brambach, BASF Marketing Manager for Precast/MCP Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “In addition, our customers benefit from the color-intensifying effect of the MasterProtect products, which significantly enhances visual impact.”

In high-performance concretes in particular, the MasterEase range of products provides exceptional rheological properties. The customer benefit: MasterEase ensures low viscosity and, at the same time, a high stability of the concrete mix. MasterEase also faciliates concrete pumping and installation. During the construction of the “Tunnel de Champel” in Geneva, Switzerland, MasterEase from Master Builders Solutions proved to be the perfect superplasticizer for sprayed concrete. MasterEase reduces the viscosity of the concrete, making it less sticky and therefore easier to pump and apply. This is a significant advantage for sprayed concrete applications. MasterEase UG 3904 increases the workability time and, when applied, the concrete hardens more evenly on the tunnel wall. Thanks to the use of MasterEase, the Swiss tunneling contractor Marti Tunnelbau AG was able to switch to a more economical cement. This increased profitability by 5%, reduced CO2 emissions by 6% and extended workability time from one to four hours.

MasterSuna SBS converts clay containing sands into a valuable resource
The new sandblocker MasterSuna SBS converts clay containing sands into a valuable resource for the production of high-quality concrete. This makes it possible to use existing deposits to a much greater extent. Furthermore, the washing and pretreatment of local fine aggregates can also be reduced. As all fine aggregates can be utilized, no alternative materials have to be purchased and transported. This saves money and increases the economic value of the quarry. Thanks to MasterSuna SBS, the concrete producer BRONZO PERASSO in Marseille, France, no longer needs to transport sand from remote sites thereby reducing sand costs by 35%, and saving up to 25 tons of CO2 per annum.

Sustainability campaign shows success stories from Europe
The success stories of MasterEase and MasterSuna are part of the “Quantified Sustainable Benefits – Reduce Your Footprint and Boost Your Bottom Line” sustainability campaign from Master Builders Solutions. This campaign was launched across Europe in 2017 and focuses on projects that have enabled customers to improve their productivity, whilst reducing costs and environmental impacts thanks to BASF’s advanced chemistry. Thanks to externally validated assessment tools such as BASF’s Eco-Efficiency Analysis or Life Cycle Analyzer, these achievements can be quantified.

Other success stories of the Master Builders Solutions sustainability campaign can be found at: