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Kansai and Jotun collaborate on protective coatings

Kansai Paint has  signed a general agreement with Jotun to collaborate on protective coatings, and to expand their global protective coatings business.

Kansai Paint established an alliance (“Sea Star Alliance”) with Jotun in the Marine business in 2002. The two companies have since built an intimate relationship, and together they have attained the No 1 position in terms of global market share.  Now,  both  companies  have  agreed  to  seek  synergy  in  the protective  coatings  business,  by extending this long-term relationship.

Morten  Fon,  President  and  CEO  of  Jotun,  said ”I  believe  that  we  based  on  our  long  relation  and  good cooperation has made a good basis to develop this together.“

Hiroshi Ishino, President and CEO of Kansai Paint added “I expect that we can go beyond with Jotun more quickly for infrastructure demand of protective segment that is expected to grow even more.”