Nordmann to present its extensive product range at the 2022 VitafoodsTM Europe

From May 10-12, the multinational chemical distributor Nordmann will be co-exhibiting together with its long-standing partner Ingredion and UK subsidiary Nordmann Nutrition at the VitafoodsTM Europe in Geneva – a major international expo for the dietary supplements industry.

Nordmann, a multinational distributor of raw materials and specialty chemicals, is now seeing great potential for the dietary supplement industry as a result of the global megatrend towards healthy living. “Sports and fitness supplements are both coming to the fore alongside those for other health concerns, such as having a strong immune system and a healthy gut microbiome,” explained Dr. Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann. “Younger consumers in particular are now opting for vegetarian and vegan diets, and these preferences also extend to their choices in nutritional supplements. New dosage forms such as fruit gums are becoming more popular, too, and the issue of sustainability continues to be a major consideration. Some of the most important buzzwords these days are ‘natural ingredients’, ‘sustainable lifestyle’ and ‘local sourcing’,” she added.

Together with Nordmann Nutrition and Ingredion at the upcoming VitafoodsTM, Nordmann will be presenting an extensive portfolio of functional, natural raw materials and dietary supplements that can satisfy current trends in the industry – including digestive enzymes, nutritional lipids, probiotics and prebiotics, starches, flavors, proteins, minerals, sweeteners and nutraceuticals. The company’s broad range of products can be used for all types of dosage forms. Nordmann is also preparing to introduce two newly launched products from partners Cell Biotech and Monteloeder: Prolac-TTM and relaxplx. Prolac-TTM is an innovative formulation from Cell Biotech that delivers a combination of postbiotic and parabiotic effects with the benefits of live lactobacilli. The new relaxplx from Monteloeder is a natural and plant-based ingredient that can be utilized to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

Another focus will be on contract manufacturing and packaging as well as white-label products and new product development. “With our technical knowledge and comprehensive range of raw materials, our specialty is facilitating unique new product innovations from concept to shelf and delivering outstanding quality, service and support throughout the process,” said Darren Lister, Commercial Director of Nordmann Nutrition. “Our main focus at the Geneva Exhibition will be to showcase our range of new product formats, including soft gels, vegan capsules, chewable and non-chewable tablets, gummies, effervesents and liquids”, he added.