Materials Science

Nouryon launches ingredient to optimize multicolour paint formulations

Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) has launched an innovative multifunctional ingredient, Bermocoll EBM 3000, which optimizes the performance of water-based multicolour paints used on building facades to mimic the appearance of stone or marble.

Multicolour paints consist of coloured droplets dispersed in latex, which may include texturing materials such as sand. Bermocoll EBM 3000 is a versatile ingredient that is compatible with most multicolour paint formulations, preventing droplet agglomeration and colour migration and providing adjustable gel strength and excellent colour development properties.

The product was launched at the China Coat Show, held last week in Guangzhou. China is a key market for multicolour paint, where it is widely used in in high-rise buildings.