SONGWON demonstrates commitment to the North American coatings industry

For the first time, SONGWON Industrial Co. is present at the American Coatings Show (ACS), showcasing its latest high performance solutions.

The company is using its experience to further develop the technologies it offers the coatings industry and strengthen its focus on specialty chemicals designed for coatings, inks and adhesives, amongst other applications.

To ensure reliable supply in the United States, Canada and Mexico, SONGWON has appointed a distributor for these countries. As from April 9, 2018, Omya, a leading global producer of industrial minerals and worldwide distributor of specialty chemicals, will represent SONGWON in the US, Canada and Mexico as the distributor of its UV absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), selected photoinitiators and antioxidants designed for the coatings, adhesives and construction markets. The new agreement builds on a long-standing distribution partnership between Omya and SONGWON in the plastics market.

“Our presence at the ACS and the nomination of a distributor for North America underlines SONGWON’s commitment to the American coatings industry and are an important step forward in our expansion in this sector,” said Rosanna Telesca, Leader Market Center Coatings. “We will be exhibiting our extensive portfolio of innovative solutions for demanding coating applications, focusing on customers’ present and future needs.”

Special highlights will be SONGNOX CS antioxidants for the prevention of degradation caused by heat, SONGSORB CS HALS, which provide protection throughout product life, SONGSORB CS UV absorbers, which counteract photo-oxidation, and SONGCURE CS photoinitiators, which achieve the right speed and properties in UV curing. Other ranges on display will include SONGCAT tin intermediates and catalysts, which are products of choice for conversion and curing in applications such as electrodeposition coating or crosslinking of siloxanes and urethanes, and in addition suitable as catalysts in the synthesis of esters and other chemicals.

SONGWON is also featuring HI-THANE polyurethane ink binders and laminating adhesives, which generate significant value for printing ink producers and film packaging converters through increased productivity and profitability.

SONGWON’s coating experts look forward to welcoming visitors to the American Coatings Show, at stand no. 633, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA, from April 10 to 12.