Materials Science

SONGWON to support global plastic industry growth with continuous investments

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers and a key global player in the specialty chemicals business announces new strategic investments to support global plastic industry growth and to meet its needs.

As a global player in the plastics industry for 57 years, SONGWON has always been committed to responding to the industry’s challenges and trends. Over the years, the organization has strived to deliver a broad portfolio of high-performance, quality products and physical forms to customers. In line with the plastics industry’s expected global growth, SONGWON will now be accelerating its long-term strategic efforts by making necessary investments in time to meet the industry’s current, ever-increasing demand and strengthening partnerships with customers worldwide SONGWON’s commitment to supporting the plastics industry with its targeted growth also includes meeting today’s increasing and challenging logistic requirements.

In SONGWON’s key Polymer Stabilizers business, investments are ongoing with regards to intermediates and finished goods and these will continue in the coming years. In addition, form-giving investments are underway and further investments scheduled for One-Pack-Systems (OPS) in Korea and other regions, as well as for Free-Flowing products (FF). Furthermore, to ensure it can meet the increasing demand from the automotive and construction industry, SONGWON is also expanding its capacities of Tin Intermediates/Catalysts. Various other debottlenecking projects are currently in progress aimed at achieving higher efficiency.

Ensuring its business is always conducted with the utmost accountability, and with respect to its environmental and social responsibility, SONGWON’s investment plan is designed to drive the organization’s overall long-term strategy to be the industry partner of choice providing customers with a competitive and innovative range of high-quality products and customized solutions accompanied by excellent service.