Water Treatment

Southern Water awards liquid lime contract to Alkali Solutions

Alkali Solutions Ltd (ASL) has secured a three year contract to supply Limesol, the liquid lime suspension, to Southern Water, in the face of strong competition from much larger organizations.

The contract, for five Waste Water Treatment Works stretching from Southampton in the west along the UK’s south coast to Hastings and up to Ashford, encompasses delivery of approximately 3k tonnes of Limesol per annum across all sites.

Limesol is used to adjust the pH of the effluent stream ensuring sufficient pathogen kill is realised, and the resultant dewatered sewage cake can then be re-cycled to agriculture as a fertilizer. This completes the cycle of re-use for municipal waste and, in turn, generates sufficient biogas energy to create substantial cost savings for Southern Water in running its treatment plants.

“We have made significant technical advances in the production of this high-tech milk of lime, and this has been recognised by Southern Water,” commented Derek Thompson, Sales Director at Alkali Solutions. “This contract award is testament to the excellent customer support and high quality of Limesol supplied to these sites since 2016.”

“The service is complemented by Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) where ASL has full stock management at all sites,” added Thompson. “This facilitates economic logistics planning and the re-assurance that stocks will never run out. State of the art web-based technology guarantees delivery of this important service to Southern Water.”

The smaller sites have limited storage capacity and ASL offers reduced, more cost-effective delivery options than typical bulk liquid tankers. ASL operates in partnership with Longcliffe Quarries, Derbyshire and manufactures, under licence, Limesol for effluent treatment and Puresol for drinking water treatment.

For more information visit www.alkalisolutions.co.uk