Water Treatment

UK's Environment Minister says Brexit opens up global opportunities for water sector

Environment Minister Theresa Coffey has told British Water members that departure from the EU gives UK companies “new opportunities beyond Europe.”

Addressing members of the trade association gathered at the House of Lords by video she said Brexit presented “the opportunity to tap into this global market and build on the UK water industry’s expertise and innovation.”

The Minister also emphasised the important role supply chain companies will play in delivering Defra’s 25-year environment plan and praised the industry’s “positive response” to Ofwat’s challenge to reduce leakage of treated water by at least 15% by 2025.

“We all want a water industry that is resilient, efficient and innovative – that provides customers with water when the need it and not when they don’t. Exceptional modelling capabilities, innovative leak detection and pipe design and environmental assessment all contribute to a more resilient water supply network,” she said.

British Water chairman Chris Loughlin commented: “Water companies face major challenges, particularly in terms of environmental sustainability, so there is a huge opportunity for supply chain partners to step up to the plate and take the industry in new and exciting directions. The UK supply chain can also build on its strong credentials as an expert exporter of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, harnessing its expertise and knowledge as we prepare for a post-Brexit world.”

The trade association is currently searching for a new Chief Executive following the decision of Lloyd Martin to retire during 2018 after two years in post.