Materials Science

WACKER showcases cutting-edge products and technologies at China International Import Exhibition

WACKER is participating in the first China International Import Exhibition (CIIE), showcasing the Group’s cutting-edge products and technologies developed in recent years. Among them, ACEO silicone-based 3D printing technology has a promising future in multiple industries such as the automotive, aerospace & aviation, healthcare and mechanical engineering. WACKER is also presenting ultrathin precision silicone films which can act as electroactive polymers (EAP). They can be used in intelligent wearable products and industrial applications such as wave power generation. The company will also demonstrate a 3D printing process for chewing gum. The process enables personalized gum products in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors. In addition to the 3D printing machines that are demonstrated in China for the first time, WACKER will also showcase a hololens with which visitors can explore silicone applications in e-mobility via virtual reality (VR). CIIE takes place in Shanghai from November 5 to 10.

“CIIE demonstrates the Chinese government’s firm support to the trade liberalization and economic globalization, as well as its determination of actively opening the market to the world,” says WACKER Executive Board member Dr. Christian Hartel who comes from headquarters to join the show. “As a company which fully supports to free trade and economic globalization, WACKER is one of the German companies which decided to participate in CIIE right from the start. China is WACKER’s largest single market. With about half  of our €1.2 billion sales revenue in China generated by imported products, and 20 percent of our products produced in China exports to the overseas market, free trade is of great importance to WACKER.”

“By introducing our state-of-the-art products and technologies to the Chinese market, WACKER aims to attract potential customers and business partners to jointly develop the Chinese market and contribute to China’s transformation to high-end manufacturing”, added Paul Lindblad, President of WACKER Greater China. ACEO 3D printing technology is the world’s first to print real silicone elastomers. Using so called “drop-on-demand” technology, it can be used to make parts and assemblies with complex geometries, as well as ‘impossible products’, which could not previously be produced.

Unique properties of silicones, such as thermal resistance, flexibility at low temperature, transparency and biocompatibility, make this technology very promising for multiple industries such as the automotive, aerospace & aviation, healthcare and mechanical engineering. It is suitable for prototyping and manufacture of small series and spare parts. ACEO offers a range of services including design support, training sessions at its print lab and a webshop for secure file upload and ordering.

WACKER will also present ultrathin precision silicone films made of 100 percent silicone. They are flawless with very high layer-thickness accuracy and can be obtained in thicknesses as low as 20 microns and with a specific dielectric strength of over 100 kV/mm. Due to their excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as well as their stability and environmental compatibility, the ultrathin precision silicone films can act as EAP to be used in intelligent wearable products and to produce energy from wave power plants.

Furthermore, in actuators, they can control small movements. This enables the design of very precise and efficient pumps, electric relays, artificial muscles, gripping devices and sound systems. Another highlight at CIIE is WACKER’s 3D printing process for chewing gum. It is the first in the world and is based on WACKER’s new CAPIVA premixed chewing gum base. This product’s viscosity is significantly lower than conventional gum base and thus can be processed with a 3D printing machine. With the new technology, the shapes of gum are no longer limited to sticks, balls and pillows.

Manufacturers can also add water-based and natural ingredients, such as fruit juice, cocoa or herbal exacts. Chewing gum made with CAPIVA comes in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors. It is also less sticky than conventional gum and can be removed easily from surfaces. In addition, WACKER will also operate several hololenses at the booth with which visitors can experience virtual reality and interact with a virtual car to explore silicone’s applications in e-mobility. As a bonding, sealing, potting or coating material, silicone supports the key components in alternative drive cars, such as e-motor, battery and power conversion, ensuring top performance, functionality and a long service life. Thermally conductive silicones assist in dissipating heat generated by the compact design of battery system and electric components.

Visit WACKER at CIIE, Booth 3A3-003, German Pavilion, High-End Intelligent Equipment Area.