WACKER showcases process for moldable gum at ProSweets Cologne 2018

 At ProSweets Cologne 2018, WACKER is presenting a novel process for depositing sugar-free chewing gum. The trick involves producing chewing gum based on the premix CAPIVA in a cooking process, thereby enabling the use of standard sugar-confectionery equipment. This now makes lots of entirely new shapes of gum possible. CAPIVA and VINNAPAS brands for solid-resins and CANDY2GUM technology round out WACKER’s portfolio of chewing-gum applications. The international supplier fair for the sweets and snacks industry is being held in Cologne, Germany, from January 28 to 31, 2018.

WACKER is introducing its new process for depositing, sugar-free chewing gum to a wider specialist audience for the first time. Normally, gum is formed in shapes such as sticks, balls and pillows. But thanks to this new process, gum can now simply be molded into different shapes, similar to gummy bears.

A new formulation makes this possible. Whereas conventional chewing gum is produced in a dry mixing process, chewing gum based on the premix CAPIVA C can be cooked. This way, products can be processed using standard sugar confectionery cookers and subsequently molded into a wide variety of shapes.

Another advantage is that the cooking process allows the use of numerous ingredients such as fruit juice, coffee, dairy products, chocolate, coconut and plant extracts, which the traditional mixing process could not handle.

Further WACKER Highlights at ProSweets Cologne 2018:

  • 3D Printing of Chewing Gum: WACKER experts have developed the world’s first 3D printing process for chewing gum. This year, they will again be demonstrating how to custom-produce gum in different colors, shapes and flavours.
  • CANDY2GUM for Innovative Chewing Gum: Confectionery with a completely new mouthfeel: thanks to the CAPIVA C 03 premix, it is now possible to produce confectionery goods that begin like a piece of chewy candy and turn into gum as they are being chewed. They also feature completely new flavours and ingredients.
  • CAPIVA S and VINNAPAS for All Grades of Modern Gum Base: VINNAPAS polyvinyl acetate is used worldwide as an essential component in all types of modern gum base. CAPIVA S is a solid resin specifically developed to simplify gum-base manufacturing and make it more efficient.