Cosmetics & Personal Care

Ashland and Robertet collaborate on fragrances

Ashland and Robertet will offer new and existing customers access to Robertet fragrances with Ashland’s deposition and encapsulation expertise for fabric care, home cleaning and personal care applications.The planned collaboration aims to leverage the unique capabilities and experience of both companies to develop technology to enhance the delivery, longevity and release profile of fragrance with measurable performance rendering consumer perceivable benefits.
“At Robertet, we are excited at the prospect to extend our product offering as part of this collaboration to provide even greater value to our clients,” said Philippe Maubert, chairman and chief executive officer of Robertet. “Providing a more complete solution of both fragrances and functional ingredient technology is a key strategic goal and we look forward to exceeding our client’s expectations with the combination of Ashland’s exciting Captivates encapsulation technology and Robertet’s expertise in fragrance creation.”
“Enhancing the overall sensory experience is a growing consumer trend influencing laundry and household cleaning purchases,” said Vito Consiglio, group vice president, Consumer Specialties, Ashland. “By partnering with Robertet, our customers will have the added advantage of accessing new encapsulation technology without the use of formaldehyde and isocyanate in the process.  The new Captivates encapsulation technology is designed to optimize the fragrance delivery, longevity and olfactory cues. This new technology expands Ashland’s encapsulation portfolio.”
The collaboration is effective throughout the globe, extending to global manufacturing and product delivery resources, to facilitate encapsulation development and supply chain management.