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Azelis opens personal care application laboratory in Japan

Azelis has announced that it is enhancing its presence in Asia Pacific, opening a personal care application laboratory in Tokyo, Japan.
With the new lab, Azelis can now offer Japanese customers support with performance testing and product analysis. Continued investment in laboratories, allows the company to meet the requirements of its customers in the Asia Pacific region, servicing a range of applications within both life science and industrial markets.
Hirotaka Kawano, Managing Director Japan, Azelis, comments: “Azelis’ success relies on both the business and technical excellence of its people. We work closely with our suppliers, sharing trends and innovations to better serve our customers, with an aim to be at the forefront of new technologies and applications.”
Azelis has been present in Asia Pacific since 2005, when the company set up their first raw material sourcing platform in Shanghai, China. Soon after, India and Australia were added to the map. In 2012, Azelis moved up in gear and began experiencing great acceleration in growth. To date, the company has established 23 application laboratories and opened 21 offices together with a regional headquarters in Singapore.
Azelis runs fifteen personal care application laboratories around the world, including seven in Asia Pacific: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Vietnam. The company is often awarded industry and partner awards for the innovations that are result of the formulation support that takes place in those laboratories. The 2018 Cosmetics Fountain Innovation Award at PCHi exhibition (China) for the fourth consecutive year, four industry innovation awards in 2017 and the Product Innovation Award at Ringier Technology Innovation Awards (China) are only some of them.