Cosmetics & Personal Care

BASF introduces new solutions for healthy skin and hair based on 'Personal Care Elements'

At this year’s in-cosmetics in Amsterdam, from April 17 to 19, BASF focuses on the main purposes of personal care products which are taken up in BASF’s four ‘Personal Care Elements’: protect, cleanse, beautify and maintain. Based on these elements, BASF unveils attractive new solutions for healthy skin and hair serving the latest trends in the personal care market.

“Today’s health-conscious and responsible-minded consumers yearn for cosmetic brands supporting their lifestyle, well-being and eco-conscience. The demand for sustainably sourced products helping to protect and beautify skin and hair increases steadily. With our profound expertise in claims, formulations and efficacy proofs as well as our biological knowledge, we support our customers to touch the consumers’ heartfelt needs,” said Dirk Mampe, Vice President Business Management Personal Care Solutions Europe. BASF shares booth E40 with its European distribution organization BTC Europe and showcases its latest solutions for applications in the personal care market such as trends, concepts, formulations as well as a number of new products.

COSMOS booklet comprises 130 products and several formulations
The “back to nature” trend has a strong impact on the personal care market. The consumers’ increasing demand for natural cosmetics has become one of the industry’s most important drivers. BASF is the largest provider of raw materials that are approved for natural and organic cosmetic products under the COSMetic Organic Standard (COSMOS). COSMOS is one of the most important points of references for the cosmetic industry. BASF’s portfolio for cosmetic products includes 130 ingredients that have already been registered with COSMOS. Together with a broad selection of formulations complying with the COSMOS requirements for natural or organic cosmetic products, all approved ingredients are comprised in the latest edition of BASF’s COSMOS booklet. It contains rinse-off formulations for skin and hair as well as leave-on formulations for face and body. BASF’s “leaves index” indicates the eco-status of all ingredients used for the different formulations and provides a comprehensible and transparent overview for manufacturers who want to formulate their products according to the COSMOS requirements.

BASF’s Colours & Effects brand: celebrating individual beauty and diversity
In line with this year’s trends, BASF’s range of pigments at in-cosmetics celebrates individual beauty and diversity. Under the Colours & Effects brand, BASF will introduce the “Proud to be you” theme at the show, further demonstrating its commitment to support the mission of inclusion within the cosmetics industry. The range of innovative pigments for make-up and personal care products on display celebrate and enhance everyone’s individual beauty. The various shades and effects are all designed to bring out the best in everyone and anyone. The latest addition to the Flamenco Summit family, Indigo, delivers best in class chroma and exceptional brilliance that creates a richer effect in the blue-violet color space. Featured in the “Proud to be regal” theme, Flamenco Summit Indigo is a natural mica based interference pigment, sourced safely and responsibly from BASF’s wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Georgia, USA. Natural beauty from the inside is the main topic for “Proud to be radiant,” where the Colours & Effects brand will focus on skin-perfecting and radiance in both skin care and make-up. “Proud to be radiant” will showcase formulations with subtle but surprising effects with immediate action. The BASF Colours & Effects brand is also “Proud to be natural” where the focus lies on effect pigments for natural and organic cosmetics like COSMOS and NATRUE and natural mica derived pigments. Rounding out the theme, “Proud to be unique” will feature dramatic make-up effects like metallic and high sparkle which gives everybody the opportunity to shine and stand out.

Innovation Zone Box: Youthfulness from inside the hair
The Innovation Zone (booth E60) invites visitors to explore new launches, allowing manufacturers to gain inspiration for their next product formulations. More than 100 products will be showcased, including BASF’s anti-aging active ingredient for hair, DN-Age, which slows down the hair greying process and reduces hair loss by protecting hair follicle cells. The active ingredient acts on the scalp by preventing UV-induced DNA damage. DN-Age leads to greater hair density: 80 percent of the participants of a clinical study conducted by BASF perceived their hair to be stronger, fuller, and thicker.

BASF shares its formulation expertise in the Formulation Lab
The Formulation Lab offers R&D laboratory staff the opportunity to learn techniques first hand from personal care ingredient specialists during interactive training sessions in a fully equipped laboratory. BASF experts will guide the participants in how to formulate a shampoo with excellent foaming properties, outstanding mildness and distinct benefits in wet and dry conditioning. Although sulfate-containing surfactants are still the first choice for formulators when it comes to developing efficient and convenient cleansing products for body and hair, formulations with alternative surfactant systems are on the rise. During the session, BASF experts will help create a shampoo formulation based on mild surfactants and a natural conditioning polymer combined with a conditioning booster, a synergistic thickener and an APG based pearlescent concentrate.

BASF Palm Dialog: Discussing the industry’s progress


On the afternoon of April 18 (2:00 – 4:00 p.m.), BASF will host its third Palm Dialog (Presentation Room G109, Europe Foyer). During the panel discussion, BASF experts will debate with brand producers and NGOs on the question of how to measure the industry’s impact towards sustainable certified palm kernel oil. The following open dialog fosters the exchange between personal care ingredient suppliers, cosmetic manufacturers, retailers and NGOs about recent developments in the palm-based oleochemical industry. At the event, BASF will present for the second time its Palm Progress Report giving an update on its own progress towards responsible palm kernel oil.

Technical Seminars and Workshop: BASF introduces new solutions against environmental stress sources and presents findings on microbiome
BASF experts will share their knowledge and market insights during two technical seminars. One focuses on BASF’s new galenic-based solution for skin care products. Pollution has a profound effect on skin health, is very heterogeneous and composed of different elements such as UV irradiation, gases, heavy metal contamination as well as particulate matter. BASF’s new approach helps to reduce the adhesion of particulate matter, thereby creating a first line of defense to safeguard the skin against harmful effects caused by particulate pollutants. During the second seminar, BASF introduces the many advantages of its latest UV filter solution Tinosorb S Lite Aqua. It is based on a unique water-encapsulating technology to bring broad-band UV protection to the water phase, resulting in boosted performance and increased formulation flexibility. In addition, BASF will participate in the workshop program on microbiome of the skin and offer a lecture on recent advances and new strategies to substantiate microbiota-related cosmetic claims.