Cosmetics & Personal Care

Biesterfeld and Sytheon extend partnership with new range of cosmetics ingredients

As a result of the successful sales cooperation in Spain, Biesterfeld is strengthening its partnership with Sytheon in Europe and expanding its extensive product portfolio by adding a unique range of proprietary and patented active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. 

The portfolio focuses especially on nature-inspired active ingredients. The highly defined products are designed for maximum safety and effectiveness. The fields of competencies mainly target problem skin (acne & hyperpigmentation), skin ageing, sun protection and skin hydration. 

Sytenol A is the natural alternative to retinol, with much better skin tolerance, hydrolytical stability and absence of phototoxicity, and Synastol TC is a water-soluble active ingredient suitable for certified natural cosmetics products. 

The portfolio’s HydraSynol IDL and HydraSynol DOI isosorbides are oil-soluble moisture boosters issued from green chemistry. Using different pathways (stimulation of Aquaporins-3 for HydraSynol DOI and of the filaggrin process for HydraSynol IDL), they help to build up the skin’s natural protective barrier and re-establish the natural water homeostasis of the skin.

Synoxyl HSS is an effective photo stabiliser for photosensitive ingredients such as dyes, fragrances and UV filters, while Synovea HR is a safe & effective brightener that works on 8 targets of the melanogenesis pathway.