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Cargill Beauty introduces sustainable, nature-derived beauty system

In response to growing consumer demand for natural products, Cargill Beauty is introducing its newest beauty formulations featuring nature-derived ingredients at in-cosmetics Asia this week. Cargill Beauty’s System 1.0 for Skincare uses only three key ingredients: the universal texturizer Actigum VSX 20, the new innovative Lecithin Emultop Velvet IP, and the high oleic rapeseed oil Bota ValleyTM 75, to offer manufacturers an array of options for natural and ethical beauty products.
The Cargill Beauty system 1.0 for Skin Care with a focus on the Radiant Pearl Serum will be showcased at the in-cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone for manufacturers to get inspiration from. Learn more about Emultop Velvet IP, a new NGM 100% nature derived lecithin that is an example of food technology transfer from Cargill.