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Clariant receives award for innovation in beauty care

Clariant received the Henkel Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care Award 2017. The award, presented on 29 January 2018, recognises the increase in efficiency and sustainability benefits achieved by Henkel in its production of pearlized shampoos since using Clariant’s liquid pearliser Perlogen SF 3000.

Perlogen SF 3000 is a cold-processable, liquid pearlising concentrate for rinse-off products. It delivers an intensive silky shine to shampoos, similar to the colour spectrum and light reflexes of natural pearls, at low dosage. The production of the product utilises a patented and highly efficient low-energy blending process that reduces the overall carbon footprint significantly. 

Commenting on the award, Christian Vang, head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Clariant, said: “We are delighted that with Perlogen SF 3000 Henkel can take advantage of a highly innovative pearliser. Our collaboration with Henkel leads to consumer products with a brilliant shine and a strong sustainability contribution.”