Cosmetics & Personal Care

Dow launches novel facial care technology and showcases innovation to boost sunscreen performance

Dow Home & Personal Care, a global business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, has introduced two novel high-performance technologies to its portfolio of trend-driven, multifunctional ingredients for global beauty and personal care markets. At this year’s in-cosmetics in Amsterdam, from April 17 to 19, Dow is inviting visitors to its booth F20 to discover its latest technologies, concepts and formulations.

“People around the world want to take care of their skin as it ages and mirrors their experiences. They are looking for cosmetics that let them embrace aging as a blessing and protect it with formulations that offer enjoyable sensory properties,” said Fabienne Bizeray, Marketing Manager Skin & Sun Care for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

“Our two latest innovations, the cosmetic ingredient AgeCap Smooth and the sun care technology SOLTEX INO Polymer, will excite formulators and brand owners looking to enhance product performance. In addition, these technologies contribute to excellent aesthetics to deliver value to consumers around the world,” added Jon Fedders, Global Strategic Marketer Skin Care and Baby Care.

AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient: value the beauty of aging
AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient is a novel, patented technology from Dow that traps selectively Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to avert their damaging effects. As it reacts in a passive way with ROS, it helps enhance efficiency versus conventional anti-oxidants.

AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient contributes to healthy skin by softening wrinkle appearance, promoting skin radiance and delivering skin smoothing effects, all of which have been confirmed in a double blind randomized in-vivo study.

In most conventional anti-oxidants, the compounds destructively act upon the free radicals by chemically reacting with them to convert the ROS into water. Conversely, AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient passively traps the ROS by intercepting them before any skin damage is incurred.

“By applying its expertise to cosmetic ingredients, Dow helps consumers to discover and express the beauty of aging,” said Fabienne Bizeray. “With the help of a smart selfie booth, visitors of our stand can experience first-hand how AgeCap Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient contributes to keeping a dewy complexion and softening wrinkles.”

SOLTEX INO Polymer: boost inorganic UV absorber efficiency
SOLTEX INO Polymer additive technology, launched at in-cosmetics Global, enhances the SPF performance of sun care products by improving the overall dispersion of inorganic particles such as titanium dioxide (TiO2). This enables sun care formulators to utilize less mineral-based materials to achieve equivalent or better SPF protection.

“TiO2 tends to partially flocculate, reducing UV filter efficiency, causing undesirable skin whitening and compromising the aesthetic experience,” explained Jon Fedders. “SOLTEX INO Polymer helps brand owners achieve formulations that both protect and please.” The new polymer additive allows formulators to utilize various coated TiO2 filters in their formulas, and rapidly create new products that are set to meet consumers’ demands for high SPF with desirable aesthetic properties.”