Cosmetics & Personal Care

EMEA cosmetic markets gain full access to Cargill’s nature-derived ingredients

As of January 01 2018, Univar Personal Care EMEA, a leading global distributor in cosmetic ingredients, and Cargill Beauty, the personal care platform within Cargill, have embarked on a new visionary partnership to deliver nature-derived, label-friendly and highly functional ingredients to the EMEA personal care markets.

”Consumers are increasingly looking for cosmetic products based on nature-derived ingredients. The formation of this strategic partnership will enable Univar to better meet these needs by adding Cargill’s sustainable, label-friendly and nature derived portfolio to our current service offering,” said Matthew J Ottaway, Vice President Focus Industries, Univar PC EMEA.

The benefits of this partnership are clear: meeting existing and future consumer needs for nature-derived and responsible cosmetics in partnership with a leading distributor.  

“With Univar, we have found a leading distributor partner who can really open doors for Cargill. The company brings great expertise in sales, marketing, formulation and communication and a vision that fits perfectly with Cargill Beauty’s strategy. This partnership provides a solid foundation to bring our unique and differentiated nature-derived, label-friendly and highly functional offering to the global personal care market,” said Tony Jaillot, General Manager, Cargill Beauty.