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in-cosmetics Asia: Senses working overtime

in-cosmetics Asia is offering visitors the chance to experience first hand the latest Sensory Enhancers at this year’s event running from 30 October to 1 November 2018 in Bangkok.
While efficacy is an obvious focus when it comes to skincare and personal beauty, the consumer perception of a product is increasingly influenced by what it smells like and how it feels on the skin.
in-cosmetics Asia’s Spotlight On Sensory Enhancers will take a closer look at today’s most innovative ingredients that improve and enhance the touch, feel and smell of formulations. Alongside finished formulations for visitors to experience, chemists and marketers will be able to join an exclusive Marketing Trends presentation on 1 November (11-11.45am) that will highlight many of the leading technologies and ingredients that are influencing product design around the world.
The concept of sensory enhancers in skincare started to gain traction a few years ago as brand formulators increasingly understood that the experience of using a product affected the perception of its quality and efficacy.
New sensory enhancers include gels and jellies that allow unique new takes on traditional favourites such as body moisturisers and face masks. At the same time, powder to cream and ‘moisturising’ foundations are perceived as premium products.
Among the new ingredients on show this year will be Vivapur CS Sensory 5 from J. Rettenmaier + Söhne GMBH & Co KG (Stand Q30). A microcrystalline cellulose, it increases smoothness and adds an outstanding ‘slip’, fluidity and lubricity to products. Other ingredients specialists showcasing sensory enhancers to take a look at include Mama Chem Co Ltd (Stand R58), Japan Co Ltd (Stand R 52) and Kaneda Co Ltd (Stand 50).
Sarah Gibson, Event Director of in-cosmetics Asia, commented:“We know that cosmetics manufacturers are increasingly considering the sensory features of their products to establish a better, all-round experience for consumers. Achieving a sensory element to products – whether that is smell, touch or feel on the skin – creates much greater value in the minds of consumers and can help to differentiate one product from another. We would urge visitors to make sure they visit the Spotlight On Sensory Enhancers area and not to miss the Marketing Trends conference on the final day of the show.”
in-cosmetics Asia takes place at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2018. Registration for this year’s event is free of charge and can be completed via