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Innovation goes into overdrive at in-cosmetics Asia

The APAC region is famed for its innovation around the world, but to maintain its place at the forefront of the beauty industry cosmetic chemists need to keep pace with the latest ingredient launches. And that’s what they’ll have the opportunity to do at in-cosmetics Asia’s Innovation Zone, which will feature dozens of new product launches and a series of live demonstrations from Mintel.
Demonstrating the show’s commitment to highlighting what’s new, R&D professionals and formulators will be able to get hands on with 70 of the world’s most exciting new ingredients, all launched within the last eight months. Some ingredients come with sample formulations to show manufacturers how ingredients react in different scenarios so they can identify those suitable for specific product types.
Mintel will return with its popular series of Live Demonstrations titled Developing Beauty in a World of Emotions – delivered by its Beauty & Personal Care team – that will demonstrate incredible new finished products which boast unique qualities. Attendees will also be invited to touch and feel the latest concepts during the trend forecaster’s daily presentations.
Cosmetic manufacturers are also invited to attend the highly anticipated in-cosmetics Asia Innovation Zone awards ceremony at 5pm on the evening of Wednesday, 31 October that will recognise suppliers developing the most innovative functional and active ingredients. The shortlisted companies are:
Innovation Zone Active Ingredient Shortlist
  • Ashland – Suprastim Biofunctional: an eco-extracted from camu – an Amazonian superfruit with high Vitamin C content and boasting an antioxidant capacity five times that of green tea
  • DSM Nutritional Products – BEL-EVEN: an effective answer to the effects of daily stress on skin and rebalances cortisol levels in skin by inhibiting the enzyme 11β-HSD1
  • Givaudan Active Beauty – Vetivyne: an exclusive, sustainable and patent-pending ingredient that restores the whole skin lipids synthesis and shows extraordinary clinical benefits
  • Givaudan Active Beauty – New ingredient to be announced
  • IFF – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics – GREYVERSE: a clinically efficacious active ingredient that is able to act on the two main factors causing hair greying process
  • Mibelle Biochemistry – MossCellTec No. 1: the first cosmetic ingredient which targets the novel anti-aging concept of cell nucleus health
  • NAOLYS – Healthy Perfection (Vitis flower)2: designed from two vine varieties (vitis vinifera), Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon, this is able to repair skin and strengthens its natural defenses to enhance skin tone
  • RAHN AG – New ingredient to be announced
  • SILAB – ECOBIOTYS: an active ingredient bio-inspired by the regulating capacity of the microbiota of floral nectar, the Nectarobiota
  • Vytrus Biotech – QUORA NONI PRCF: a concentrated metabolome of totipotent cells from the Noni plant, rich in anti-quorum sensing molecules (Anti-Quormones) specially designed for “dermohacking”
Innovation Zone Functional Ingredient Shortlist
  • Ashland Optimage – SF microgel: which offers rapid and enduring fine line and wrinkle correction
  • Clariant – GENADVANCE: an advanced technology haircare that can be used in all haircare product formats
  • Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) – RHEANCE Glycolipids: a new class of all-natural, multi-functional ingredient, suitable for gentle personal cleansing formulations
  • H&A PHARMACHEM – GRAPHIC ESSENCE: GRAPHIC ESSENCE is a cosmetics product that attracts consumer’s attention visually
  • J.Rettenmaier+Söhne  – VIVAPUR CS Sensory 15 S: a high functional natural composite made out of Ultrafine Microcrystalline Cellulose and Cellulose Gum that can be used as a mattifying and absorbing agent
  • J.Rettenmaier+Söhne – VIVAPUR CS Sensory 5: a microcrystalline cellulose that increases smoothness, has an outstanding slip and provides fluidity and lubricity to emulsions and powders
  • Schlenk Metallic Pigments – Alegrace Aurous 02-02: the new gold shade out of Schlenk’s patented new Ultra-Thin Pigment (UTP) colored aluminum pigments series
  • Seojinbiotech – Bio-Glycolipid: this ingredient is formed from the fermentation of bacteria isolated from marine products.
  • SEPPIC Asia – FLUIDIFEEL EASY: a time-saving emulsifier able to stabilise all types of fluid formulations, from sprays to lotions and wipes
  • STEARINERIE DUBOIS FILS – DUB ESTOLINE: a palm oil-free ingredient derived from castor oil that is100% biodegradable, 87% natural raw material
Sarah Gibson, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics Asia, commented: “The innovation on show at this year’s event is inspiring. We encourage show visitors not to miss the Innovation Zone so that they are well positioned to cater for the demands of tomorrow’s consumers.”
in-cosmetics Asia takes place at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre from 30 October to 1 November 2018. Register by 28 October for this year’s event for free entry via