Cosmetics & Personal Care


INOLEX has launched ProCondition™ Sativa (Cannabisamidopropyl Dimethylamine) a new sustainable conditioning ingredient derived from Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. The hemp-based ingredient designed for hair, skin, and body care delivers performance as both a conditioning agent and as an emulsifier with multiple functional and performance benefits.

According to Lisa Gandolfi, VP Marketing at INOLEX, “We see the rise of consumer groups aligned with naturality, wellness, and sustainability, converging on sustainably made, cannabis-derived products. ProCondition™ Sativa’s hemp-based cationic is ideal for brands designing CBD or hemp-based products for hair or skincare with a focus on sustainable and plant-powered materials.”

As a non-quat cationic hair conditioning agent, ProCondition™ Sativa has comparable performance to Cetrimonium Chloride (CTAC) while being safer for skin and eyes, and non-toxic to aquatic life. As a primary emulsifier, the ingredient builds formulation stability by formation of lamellar liquid crystals and provides versatility in viscosity building. Along with imparting functional performance, the cannabis derived ingredient supports a brand’s ability to make cannabis product claims in alignment with consumer expectations. ProCondition™ Sativa is USDA Certified Biobased (82%), has an ISO 16128 Natural Origin Index of 0.78, and is Halal certified, Kosher compliant, vegan-friendly, readily biodegradable, and never tested on animals.

The new ingredient expands INOLEX’s ProCondition™ quat-free conditioning technology platform, a range of consciously designed ingredients based on the principles of green chemistry and manufactured using the company’s patented energy-saving synthesis process. In addition to reducing GHG emissions through energy efficient design, the manufacturing process produces no by-products. ProCondition™ products are also readily biodegradable.

ProCondition™ Sativa is derived from the refined triglyceride hemp seed oil and does not contain THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, an inherently sustainable feedstock that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional raw materials used for conditioning agents and emulsifiers. It is a non-water intensive, high yield and resilient crop that eliminates the need for pesticides, thereby contributing to soil health and encouraging biodiversity.