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Merck introduces new luminous matte pigment for colour cosmetics

Merck, a leading science and technology company, presents its new Ronastar Black Allure pigment. The newest addition to Merck´s innovative Luminous Matte range within the Smart Effects program, enables a silky matte effect in deepest black and hereby meeting the strong trend to matte formulations in colour cosmetics.
The black pigment adds futuristic elegance to all colour cosmetics applications that aim for a deep black colour impact. It is suitable for eye-shadows, kajal, mascara and eyebrow-pencils as well as for nail lacquers or graphic elements in body painting. In addition, it can also be applied for colour-matching skin tones in foundations and as background colour in shampoo or shower gel. Based on an innovative pigment technology, Ronastar Black Allure combines its rich black appearance with a velvety skin feeling. Thanks to carefully selected raw materials and an improved heavy metal profile, it is especially suitable for sensitive areas like eyes and lips.

The new Ronastar Black Allure Pigment is based on spherical silica substrate. A proprietary innovative coating process leads to a super-stable, pure-mineral pigment with an extraordinary skin feeling. The special silica structure creates a smooth, gliding texture, and the embedded mineral particles provide a subtle luminous effect, adding to the elegant appearance.

Ronastar Black Allure can easily be implemented in any formulation. The pigment requires no milling and doesn´t agglomerate or segregate. Being vegan and free of food allergens, gluten or genetically modified components, it also supports the growing demand of the cosmetic industry and their customers for such products.