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Scent O2, a new player in Europe in the alternative perfume circuit

Anne-Claire Kraft is partnering with Johann Vitrey to launch the Scent O2 Company, dedicated to the master distribution of independent perfume brands in Western Europe.

Born from a common passion for authenticity and quality in alternative perfumery, the Scent O2 Company brings together the expertise of Johann Vitrey, who is the founding Manager of Sesame by JV, a distributor of niche perfume brands for the Middle East and Africa, and Anne Claire Kraft, won over by the emotional world of perfumes after a corporate career.

“I’m madly in love with perfumes. They reinforce the beauty of a breath and transform it from a physical necessity to pure aestheticism. They remind us that we are alive,” she commented.

The Scent O2 Company covers distribution, consulting, training, retail and management activities of own brands in the European alternative perfumery sector. The five dioxygen molecules in the Company logo illustrate the five activities roll out in five territories:

  • Benelux
  • Germany
  • Austria and Switzerland
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal and France
  • UK.

Alongside the own brand of candles Promenade à Auvers, it already groups a dozen promising names in niche perfumery, all of them with a complementary story and positioning, among which, Sous Le Manteau, launched in February 2017.

“It’s a true conceptual brand that reconnects to the very essence of the fragrance, sensuality, seduction, with no compromise and with a ’brand’ signature that goes beyond juices. Fragrances are inspired by nineteenth century aphrodisiac elixirs with their mysterious, spicy and animal notes,” said Anne Claire Kraft.

The portfolio also includes a heritage brand still kept secret, and the private collection of the Spanish Master Perfumer Rosendo Mateu, and a brand with an oriental positioning.