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Shiseido develops new active ingredient to rejuvenate skin

Shiseido Company has discovered for the first time ever that laminin-511, a key component of the epidermal basement membrane existing between the epidermis and dermis, plays an important role in maintaining epidermal stem cells, which are a vital factor for skin rejuvenation.

At the same time, in understanding that laminin-511 degrades with UV exposure, Shiseido has after 12 years of ongoing research developed Stemlan-173, a new active ingredient effectively protecting the degradation of laminin-511, and confirmed that by inhibiting the degradation of laminin-511 through treatment with Stemlan-173, the epidermal basement membrane maintains good condition in research subjects aged zero to their 60s , suggesting that Stemlan-173 has a significant skin texture improving effect. Furthermore, Shiseido also discovered that algae extract acts as an active ingredient to promote the production of laminin-511, which decreases with aging.

Going forward, Shiseido will apply these new findings to the development of skincare products as an effective technology that helps all sorts of consumers to rejuvenate their skin.