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Solvay at in-cosmetics 2023: “Caring for People, Caring for the Planet”

Solvay, a leader in naturally derived ingredients for beauty care formulations, has announced a full range of functional and sustainable ingredients to be highlighted at the upcoming in-cosmetics Global 2023 trade fair in Barcelona from March 28 to 30. Addressing beauty care creators from around the world, Solvay will showcase an extensive portfolio of innovative hair and skin care ingredients and formulations on display at Booth V10. In addition, Solvay’s beauty experts will present during a technical seminar its latest cleansing solutions promoting wellness and hold a sustainability conference on fermentation as a technology for a sustainable future.

“As the industry leader in natural and naturally derived polymers and specialty surfactants, we support our customers in the beauty care industry with extensive scientific, formulation and application expertise,” says Jean-Guy Le Helloco, Global Vice President, Home & Personal Care, at Solvay. “Our portfolio helps formulators create multi-sensory and multi-functional products designed to improve consumer experience, wellness and health while featuring the lowest environmental footprint.”

The foremost trend driving the beauty industry is sustainability, which Solvay addresses with a wide range of biodegradable, bio-based, ethically sourced and renewable, low-carbon footprint ingredients and formulation solutions as highlighted in its Beauty for the Planet pledge.

On the hair care front, the company’s portfolio aligns with today’s lifestyles and communities needs, such as addressing textured hair, extending hair health to scalp care and enabling the ‘skinification’ of hair care with skin care inspired ingredients. On the other hand, Solvay’s innovative skin health and cleansing solutions address functional health and mental and emotional wellness, while responding to the solid-format trend to minimize waste and the overall product footprint with ‘Bring your Own’ (ByO) water cleanser concepts.

The company’s exhibit at in-cosmetics 2023 will be spearheaded by the recently launched Polycare® Heat Therapy, a new naturally-derived active ingredient that protects hair from thermal damage caused by high-heat devices such as flat or curling irons and hair dryers . The new product complements Solvay’s existing performance ingredients for hair health, including Polycare® Split Therapy for repair of long and damaged hair, and Polycare® Frizz Therapy for discipline and durable shape of straight and curly hair.

Another focus at Solvay’s booth will be mild and eco-friendly cleansing solutions, from ultra-low salt surfactants for sensitive skin to taurates and sulfosuccinates for sulfate-free formulations, as well as our new 100% bio-based and biodegradable Mirasoft® SL glycolipid biosurfactants manufactured through a cost-efficient fermentation process. This range includes Mirasoft® SL A60 and Mirasoft® SL L60, recently certified as “Microbiome-friendly” by MyMicrobiome®. This certification was also granted for Dermalcare® LIA MB, a circular and silicone alternative.