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Solvay unveils innovations at World Perfumery Congress

Solvay revealed several new products at this year’s 2018 World Perfumery Congress.

Rhovanil Natural CW: A new natural vanillin. With its introduction to the market, Solvay is now capable to propose a key enabler to accelerate the switch to the natural trend.

“With Rhovea and Rhodiarome, the preferred vanilla note solution for the fragrance market, we are currently looking to develop a new offer based on renewable electricity and renewable energy,” said Guillaume Meunier, Flavor and Fragrances Global Business Manager.

Bothhexylene glycol (HGL): A solvent with high solubilizing power, adding to the stability of fragrances; the slow evaporating HGL acts as a humectant, functioning as a multifun­ctional component for fragrance composition, skin and hair care products and home care. It is non-toxic, bio-degradable and used throughout the American, European and Asian markets.

Augeo: A new line of solvents including Augeo Clean Multi, which is produced from a renewable source, has a low carbon footprint and has no oral or inhalation toxicity. It offers dilution and evaporation for fragrance compositions and has a strong fragrance solubili­zation power and slow evaporation rate, making it ideal for home air care applications such as reed and electrical diffusers. It complies with U.​S. legislation for volatile organic compounds.

Sébastien Nicolas, Global Fragrance Market Manager commented, “Augeo Clean Multi and hexylene glycol are part of a wide technology offering which, together with our technical solubili­zation expertise and formulation support, enable Solvay to keep delivering more value and more innovative sustainable solutions to the fragrance industry.”