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Stéarinerie Dubois renews certification at three sites

Stéarinerie Dubois has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for its Quality and Environment Management systems deployed at its three sites (production centers, logistics and sales offices), for its design activities, development, manufacturing, marketing, trading and delivery of ingredients for applications in cosmetics, health, food and industry, as well as processing of products at the request of customers.

The latest versions of these standards, published in 2015, include the company’s strategy in the quality and environmental approach, the risk analysis of all processes and the analysis of opportunities taking into account all stakeholders, including external stakeholders.

“These certifications reward the commitment and involvement of all teams in taking into account the requirements related to these standards: from strategy to operational control, through continuous improvement, serving our clients, ” said Hervé Plessix, Executive General Manager of Stéarinerie Dubois.