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Up close and personal – how the beauty industry is going bespoke

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This year’s in-cosmetics Formulation Summit, which returns to the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London from 24-25 October, will offer cutting-edge insight and scientific analysis of personalised beauty, examining how brands need to respond to keep pace with rapid change.
Tailor made
Now in its fourth year, the theme for the 2018 summit – Up Close and Personalised, addresses the formulation challenges and opportunities that bespoke beauty and skincare bring. World-leading experts will reveal the latest thinking and share insights to help formulators, R&D professionals and industry decision-makers understand how they can tailor their own product innovations to meet bespoke beauty trends.
More than 20 different speakers will take to the stage over the course of the event. Day One, which focuses on Understanding your Consumer, includes a fascinating morning session from Vivienne Rudd, Director of Global Insights, Beauty & Personal care, Mintel. She will talk delegates through how all aspects of consumers’ lives are now personalised, spanning customers’ names on product packaging to ‘consumer-designed experiences’.
Beauty biology
During Day One, Raya Khanin, Co-Founder of LifeNome, a company that creates personalised wellness reports based on DNA, will explain the science behind the technique before taking a closer look at the practical aspects of bringing DNA technology to the beauty market.
“I am absolutely thrilled to be speaking about personalisation at the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit,” she says. “There is no doubt that the future of skincare and wellness is personalised, and there is nothing more personal and unique than our biology. I will be presenting how analysis of DNA, and other biomarkers, combined with artificial intelligence, is leading to next-generation personal care products, enabling personalised product formulations. I can’t wait to meet experts from around the world to discuss the future of bespoke beauty.”
Timing is everything
Following a networking lunch, Dr Se Kyoo Jeong, Founder & CEO of Incospharm Corporation, will present his research on how inducing autophagy in skin cells shifts unbalanced circadian clocks back to normal (synchronization) and that certain formulation (or active ingredients) should be applied to the skin at optimum times after restoration of your normal circadian clock.
Also, in the afternoon session, Dr Eamon Fulcher, Head of Psychology of Arden University, will guide delegates through the cognitive behaviours that drive consumer desires and aspirations.
Mane event
Day Two takes a closer look at Formulating for your Consumer. Kicking off with personalised haircare with the opening remarks from Dr Barbara Brockway, Director, Personal Care at Applied DNA Sciences. The keynote address comes from Lauren Bowker, Material Alchemist & Founder at The Unseen. Her session asks: “What if we could create materials that respond to our individual needs and help us to live better lives?”
Later in the morning, Penny Williams, Creative Perfumer at Orchadia Solutions Ltd puts personalised fragrances under the spotlight, investigating how far formulators can go in creating fragrance products.
Williams said: “There are many opportunities for fragrance personalisation and I am very excited to discuss them at the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit. I’ll also be providing some examples to smell, which highlight our unique sense of smell and our learned scent interpretation skills. What’s next in fragrance customisation is in the hands of product formulators and innovators – let the scent liberation begin!”
Other sessions on the Day Two include a look at the challenges of personalising haircare, innovation in colour cosmetics and formulating for ‘freshly made’, bespoke products in-store and at home with Rubén Rubiales, Founder & CEO, Lesielle.
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